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May 16, 2013


Nancy  in Utah

Hi Nicole, I love your Gentle Arts blocks! I hope to get mine started today but I'm playing catch up, I just got my patterns and have to get Hat Trick done too. Your bow tie quilt is wonderful, love the cheerful colors and the setting. Blocks that can be switched around to make different designs are my favorites! I was just wondering too, if you had been visited by any hummingbirds yet this year? You haven't posted pictures, but our first one just showed up yesterday afternoon and by evening we had four. My feeders have been out for over a month but we have watched closely and these are the first to drop by and most of them with stay the summer now, so I need to get the two feeders out for them.

Barbara Anne

Gentle Arts is coming along quickly and will be just charming! I hope little Miss E's help isn't slowing you down too much. Just imagine the love of fabric and colors you've given her!

Thanks for the clarification between Bowties and Spools!


Linda Kay

One of the earliest quilts I made, when I was starting out, was an Amish-inspired bow tie quilt. The bow ties were various shades of solid blues, turquoise, teal, etc, with a black background. When I look at it again, it still looks pretty good. And I still love Amish quilts but it's really a strain on the eyes to handquilt black on a black background.


Thank you for the comparison between the bow ties & spools! Both seem to be popular right now & it's nice to have photos to see the differences next to each other! Full service blogger...that's you!


Your red spools are beautiful. Thank you for the information about the differences between spools and bow ties. Each design has its own charm!

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