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May 20, 2013


Donna Caldwell

Jinny Beyer has a great tutorail on miterd borders esp. since she uses allot of her great border fabric. I had the same experience until I followed her directions. I too have the same problem as you--quilt done just needs borders....also sewing on the binding can be a stalling point with me. Beautiful job on your quilts. I am a regular follower of your blog. Enjoy it when I get to surf the web. Have a great Monday.


Love the way your quilt looks and that brown border great choice.
mitered borders I tend to avoid them unless the fabric really needs to be mitered.
hints I just pin and look and then press and then look again then decide sew and hope for the best :)


My one attempt at mitred corners left a lot to be desired. I am able to show others and I help them fix their own but mine.... My borders are now the easier straight ones, much less stress and saves me using the reverse sewing implement quite so often. Your borders frame the quilt beautifully, Nicole, perfect.

Barbara Anne

Oh, Long Road Home is another of my favorite quilts from those you've made!! The borders do finished it off and frame the blocks perfectly, too. Applause, applause!!!!

I have managed to do mitred corners on several quilts but am always worried I'll flub up - and have. On one quilt, I did a great mitred corner and then couldn't do another one to save my life, so un-mitred the first corner. Sigh!

This week with 3 big finishes you'll deserve a standing ovation!!!



What a great quilt and the borders add to it very nicely. Great!!!!!!!
Hate doing miter corner and not very good at it....have done the same thing and just add straight borders to finish off. Love your quilt

Gertie Pye

I usually do mitred borders. I cut them longer than they need to be, sew them on up to the 1/4" seam on the quilt, then press one of the overhanging strips at a 45 degree angle. This then forms my stitching line - sometimes I draw it on the back to be extra sure.

However a couple of times I have done straight borders and it has looked just as good!


Love your quilt...I think your borders are just the right touch!! Miters take too long for me...yes, I can do them, but why? I always have one or two corners that are off a little. I think it looks perfect and flat...which is something I struggle with. So I can't wait to see what you have for tomorrow!!


Your quilt is gorgeous!! No mitered corners for me. I, like you, would rather have a flat quilt and border :-) I never was good at geometry.


I think the brown border is a perfect finish for your quilt. I do mitered borders only occasionally, when the fabric print absolutely requires it, and always have a bit of a challenge with them, they are certainly tricky. But I am finding each one easier to do than the last. Like a lot of things quilty, you get better with practice, it is just that they don't come up very frequently.


I'm smog glad I'm not the only one who does that with borders Nicole. I've had my Lori Holt Row Along quilt top done for a while now and kept trying to get into doing the borders. I'm finally doing my scallop border, yay. Your quilt is beautiful.


Oopsie, sometimes my words don't come it right n the iPad. I meant to say: I'm so glad. sheesh.


I love your quilt and even more so now with your beautiful borders. I have a love/hate relationship with mitered borders. I love the look but HATE doing them. I usually sign up for a sew day at the quilt shop when I need to do them so the teacher can help me. LOL


Your quilt looks fantastic and the border fabric really sets off the rest of the quilt. Miters scare the crap out of me. I've done miters on one quilt and it came out okay but I try to avoid doing miters at all cost. When it comes to borders I wish I had the gumption to do something stylist but I always end up just adding a simple border....for me simple is better and I'm fine with that. Look forward to seeing what you've completed tomorrow!


This border looks great! I am with you about mitered borders. Love the idea, but I haven't mastered it either. Hopefully we'll all get some good tips from the comments.


When making mitered borders, the key is to mark that 1/4" so you stop exactly at the right spot. I only miter when the fabric dictates. I'm wondering about your mention of all the bias edges? Why would you have bias edges with an on point setting? I'm doing one right now and all the triangle outside edges are on the straight of grain.


I have loved Long Road Home since you first showed us the blocks... love it!!! I've never attempted mitered corner borders... I don't make very many large quilts, but it would be nice to get some tips just incase!!!

Sally K

It looks awesome! I can't imagine it looking any more awesome with mitered borders. Save the miter practice for another day. Congrats on the 3 finishes.


Your quilts are just so beautiful. You seem to be able to take the idea to the most amazing execution. Thanks for sharing.

Paulette Doyle

Gorgeous...mitered or not!! Absolutely lovely!!


That's a great quilt. Love those colors. And you are right, the border fabric is just perfect.


Borders look great even if they are on the 'regular' way. Nope never tried mitred borders! The whole quilt looks great and congrats on a finish.


Beautiful finish! That border fabric is just perfect for your top! And, you got to "shop at home!" You don't need to feel guilty! I, too, like the look of mitered borders but until I can find a class to take in person I'll stick with regular ones!!

Helen in Switzerland

Wow! I'm speechless! It's magnificent!!!


I do mitered corners very rarely and then only sew the 'miter' by hand.:) Your quilt is gorgeous!


What a spectacular quilt! Funny you should mention how you stall when it comes to doing the borders, I do the same thing. But this morning I pulled out a quilt top (minus the border) and told myself to just get at it! And that's what I'm doing today.

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