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June 04, 2013


Nancy  in Utah

Nicole, I hope everything is okay with your family. I will miss your posts, but summertime is more of a down time from sewing for many of us. See you July 1st! Hugs...

Elaine S.

Understand, Nicole. Take care and we'll "see you" soon.


I hope you have a good summer and that it is good things that are taking you away. If not, I hope all goes well. We'll miss you.


Enjoy your summer! You will be missed!

Carol Beasley

You will be missed, I check your blog every day, you inspire me. Looking forward to seeing your blog in the future. Hope all goes well with whatever your challenges in the coming days might be.



I hope your summer responsibilities all you to have some summer enjoyment for yourself. You'll be welcome back in July.


OH, you'll really be missed! I look forward to reading your blog every day, but understand - enjoy the summer.

Paula Zumaris

We will surely miss you Nicole. Come back to us when you can!!


Take care.....

Debbie R.

We'll miss your interesting, informative, educational and beautifully personal posts, and look forward to when you're able to return to blogging again. Good luck with whatever it is that's on your plate. I hope that you get some "you" time, and some sewing time over the summer.

Edith (Netherlands)

Hopefully all is well with you and your family! I always love your posts, not only the wonderful quilting tips and beautiful pictures, also the personal bits you share. Hang in there and enjoy the summer.


I hope that between the things you have to attend to, that there will be some fun summer time things going on for you, like lots of Eva time, and maybe some sewing therapy can get squeezed in too!

Rowena Muller

I have thoroughly enjoyed looking at all the quilts you have made, quite a number of them in fabric ranges that have been favorites of mine!
You really are a very industrious quilt maker, you inspire me. Thanks for sharing!!

Barbara Anne

It's Flag Day, June 14, and I've popped in every morning to peek to see if you might have a new blog post ... but no. Sigh! You see, you and your chats are missed big time. You and they were how I started my day.

I hope all is going well with the responsibilities you have on your plate. I also hope you have time to use your growing number of table toppers to bring cheer to your home and that you have time to sew often.


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