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November 26, 2013


Nancy A

LOL! Sounds just like all of my decorating excursions! I can never bring myself to spend big money on that kind of thing, especially when a little creativity will provide something much prettier and completely unique. Nice job, Nicole!

Mary Kastner

Love it! Just so dang cute! Have a very nice Thanksgiving Nicole.


Barbara Anne

Brilliant!!! Well done and for a satisfying fraction of those other costs!!

Doesn't it make you wonder who would spend that much on seasonal decor? I hope shops get the message that what doesn't sell well might just be priced too high. How much time and clay or wax went into those pheasants and candles to make them worth their marked prices? DH has always said prices will be as high as the market will bear. No sales? Lower prices ... eventually.

Do smile in delight each time you glance at your lovely centerpiece!



......... centerpiece made with love = Priceless!

It is beautiful and I love that it is made with fresh flowers and pumpkin! Well done.

Sue Babich

Perfect !!! Love Pinterest ! I am just curious where your closest shopping mall is ?

Happy Thanksgiving !

Stephani in N. TX

You share so many creative thoughts with us on your blog. Your table will look wonderful without the 100-bucks decorating. It's the smiles around it that you will remember. Happy Thanksgiving to your growing family.


Love how you think Nicole! And your centrepiece is beautiful! Remember to eats lots of turkey and mashed potatoes with gravy and enjoy!!


It's really amazing what you can create when you put your mind to it. Your centrepiece is fabulous, Who needs Pottery Barn, or Williams Sonoma.

Debbie R.

I love your centrepiece. It's perfect. And when you're done with it -- nothing to put into storage. Perfect!
So sorry about the wax on your beautiful table topper. I hope that a final ironing session and some Lestoil work. But if not, I think your idea of tea dying makes sense.
I had something similar happen to me. Was getting waxed, and the woman dripped pink wax on my beautiful Irish linen shirt. The wax came out with ironing, but the pink, not so much. Disappointing, for sure.
Wishing you and yours a wonderful, friend-and-family-full Thanksgiving.


What a beautiful centerpiece! Isn't it satisfying to create such a lovely decoration for a reasonable amount of money?! This year I'm all about mini pumpkins on a green cake stand that I already own! Add a table runner in Fall colors & it's good to go! Happy Thanksgiving to your & your's!


Love your centerpiece! Price is even better, plus you don't have to worry about storing it :)


You nailed it! Ten out of ten, for sure!


It looks great! Isn't it amazing what you find on Pinterest!


Lovely decor and hand made to boot
Wishing you a very enjoyable Thanksgiving surrounded by your loved ones.


Love it Nicole! Happy Thanksgiving :)


Really pretty and cost effective the best kind of decorating. Happy Thanksgiving.

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