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December 19, 2013



I think that the matching threads are a grand idea! Hey, I made a little quilt with this tulip pattern, just smaller blocks...great fun! See my post from this will love your quilt!

Linda Enneking

I like the matching threads too, you're right, they are quite tempting. Glad you are finding a few brief moments to enjoy in this hectic season. I am finishing up a quilt for my three year old granddaughter. It is a double bed size, made with bright Laurel Burch fabrics, and turned out pretty nice. I just have to stitch the binding on one more side and it will be finished. This morning I did an embroidery project for my niece, putting my brother's business name on some work shirts. Now I can start getting ready for Christmas at our house.I have to wrap gifts today, then maybe tonight we can put up the tree so I can enjoy a few moments looking at it. Hope your holidays are wonderful.


What a great way to relax! I'm trying to enjoy the tree too. I've decided to keep it up longer than I usually do. Christmas has snuck up on me! I think Camille from the blog Simplify has a line of threads too. It is a great idea.


Those are some nice threads. I've seen them to match other designer's fabrics too. Sure makes life easy when you want a perfect match.

Congrats on finding a few quiet moments during this very busy time. I posted on my blog last evening, first time since Thanksgiving. Not sure when I'll share again next. I'm so behind on everything!

I hope you continue to find time to enjoy your beautiful tree.

Bari Jo

Loved getting caught up reading your blog! Your house looks so warm and inviting! Merry Christmas! Thank you for all you teach me on your blog and all the inspiration!


Great idea matching threads to designer's collections. Hope you get a chance to put your feet up and enjoy the season!

Barbara Anne

More eye candy!

Like you, I use neutrals when piecing my blocks but do like something that matches better when machine quilting. I shudder to think that this is yet another way to add a drop more or less dye to change the color just a tad so we NEED to buy another spool. Sigh! Remember when fabrics appeared, but not one was part of a fabric "line"?

Enjoy the bliss of Christmas delights!



I'm glad you are taking time to 'sit and stare at the Christmas tree.' Too easily we lose sight of what this season is all about. I will understand if you don't blog until later.
Merry Christmas!

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