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January 29, 2014


Barbara Anne

It's interesting that you posted about this because another friend and I were talking about Sharon Yenter's Blended Quilts just a few days ago.

Your quilts are beautiful but I'll confess to preferring contrast to the blur of blending. Perhaps that's because of my trifocals - life is really blurry when my glasses are off!

Ah, yes, Seaside Rose and most every one of the 3 Sisters fabrics sets my heart aflutter. Love 'em!

Do you still have an Etsy shop?

4" of snow late yesterday and overnight so am home today with the heater repair guy here (DH is dealing with him). Heat in all parts of the house again would be lovely but I've made a nest in one of the upstairs bedrooms where it is warm.



All beautiful quilts. I love low volume projects but oddly enough, I find them more difficult because I never seem to be happy with my fabric layout. I also have the same problem with scrappy quillts.


I've been admiring low volume quilts for awhile. I'm on the look-out for a great pattern to try one soon! Thanks for sharing…inspiration, as always!


I really love the soothing look of these quilts. I think the low volume approach allows you as the viewer to interpret the quilt any way you want. (Unlike their more contrasty brethren, who insist on being seen exactly the way THEY want.)

Really enjoyed your work- thanks for sharing!

Jo :)

Carole S.

Your quilts are beautiful. I think there's as much of an art to choosing low contrast fabrics that look good together as there is to choosing high contrast ones. Looks to me like you've nailed it!


THey are all beautiful! ;p


It's amazing, isn't it? Everything old is new again - I remember Blended Quilts too, they were all the rage when I was just starting out on my quilting adventure!! (We're showing our age now, aren't we!!)

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