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January 28, 2014



Tracey's quilt looks great. I agree - it's a pattern that would look good in many different fabrics. I think it would be awesome in batiks.

Tracey Holzer

Thanks for showing my quilt. My friend, Colleen, would like to make Second Hand Clothes in thirties fabrics which I think would be great, too. Mine is now at Terry's so she can do her long arm magic.

Barbara Anne

Wonderful quilt and I like the way Tracy chose to use the same red fabric (or reds that match in tone) for the setting triangles as that really encloses the gloriously scrappy center beautifully! Applause, applause!!!

Thanks for sharing these photos, Nicole and Tracy!



That is such a great quilt....
I did a quick search online for the pattern but couldn't find it....I'm going to have to do a better search later!

Will be watching to see if you get yours done!

Peggy in NJ

Mary Kastner

More inspiration here too for me to get going on this
pattern. What a beautiful quilt. I definitely need this quilt in my collection. great Job!


Paulette Doyle

WOW!! GORGEOUS...and sew easy!! Thanks for sharing!! Another one on THE LIST! haha


As I've said in the past, your blog is always an inspiration! I read yesterday that 'Nancy Near Philadelphia' considers your's worth reading. Tracey picking up her quilt kit & getting it done is a great example of your influence!! Thanks for keeping it real!


A scrap quilt at it's very best - I'm adding this one to my list. SO - how is YOUR quilting coming along?


What a great scrap buster! She did an awesome job!

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