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April 01, 2014



I have one of the rulers and still have not had the nerve to use it! My friend, Kim Mason, has made several that were posted on her old blog. This link will take you to a couple that she made that I just love!

Barbara Anne

Love the happy colors in the quilt Cindy at Hyacinth Quilt Designs made and I can see how color/value placement is essential in having the design work.

Who knows, your first try may be a new look for the block?!

How goes the triangle border for yesterday's quilt?

It's going to be a sunny warm day here! Happy April!


Sue Babich

I am sure you the fabric placement will come to you :-D For me I play with the fabric and then walk away for awhile and then when I come back to it the " light bulb" in my head goes off ;-) Looking forward to watching your progress on this one.

We woke up to snow this morning so I plan on working on my Hampton Ridge blocks that were supposed to be done already .

pam hansen

I'm going to compare what you're doing to Star Trek----because you are essentially exploring a new galaxy. I will bravely continue to watch your adventure from the comfort of my computer. Thanks for being courageous.

Debbie R.

I will watch your progress with great interest. I, too, find these newer fabrics beautiful, but challenging. Thanks for sharing your process and progress with us. I really find it helpful when you share your colour insights. Thanks!

Kathy - aka Nana

I too have trouble with color and value. Which is probably one of the reasons why I'm drawn to two color quilts. ;-)


I've found the best approach for me when doing really new designs is to start simple. I use only 3 or 4 new fabrics that come from the same line so I know the colors will work well together. That way I only have to worry about lights and dark placement. And, I only make a few blocks as 'test' blocks.

Good luck and May The Force Be With You! ;p


Value - The hardest thing to master in quilting, jmho. That is what makes a quilt sing, great value placement. Keep at it, every quilt we learn something, and that's what keeps us going!


Aww, I want to see your attempt, it might be better than you think! Color value is the hardest thing for me, which is probably why I am drawn to kits. I like everything, so tend to think it all matches...wrong. I am very impressed with Australian quilts and how they throw everything but the kitchen sink and it looks incredible. Can't wait to see what you end up with :)

Carrie P.

That quilt is so pretty. I bet your blocks look great. Picking fabrics can be a challenge. Good luck.

Stephani in N. TX

I picked up on Cindy Lammon's kaleidoscope quilt and the tutorial for it as well. Colors, etc. are just gorgeous and certainly say Spring. Inspiring (but I have not dug out my kaleidoscope ruler just yet.) This looks like a design wall project for sure, step by step. Gotta be brave.

Liz S.

That is a beautiful quilt for sure... but trust yourself and believe in what you are doing.... All those other quilt designers have confidence, why not you? And of course this isn't your first rodeo! LOL You have made many quilts that have inspired me! Keep up the good work! -Hugs


Have you tried looking at your fabrics with one go those red things. Can't think what they are called but it makes all the fabric look black, white and grey so that you can see only the value and not the colors.

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