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March 26, 2014



These blocks are so CUTE! You must be smiling when you look at them.

I had a chuckle at your story yesterday. We've all encountered people like that lady, a little odd & funny. I'm sorry people were ugly on the comments yesterday. It always shocks me when people leave ugly comments. Feels like you had a slap in the face when you expected a kiss. I hope it doesn't happen again.

Sheryl W

This is looking great...

Mary Flynn

Hi Nicole, I don't always comment but do lurk here quite often. Sorry you got some not so nice commenters. We put a bit of ourselves out here for the world to see and sometimes what comes back isn't to our liking. Your post today was spot on and hopefully nips that bud!
Your blocks are beautiful as always. You know how much I love your quilts! Hope to hear from you soon.


These blocks do make me happy! Your response to the grumpy comments makes me happy too. I always tell my kids before they leave for hard and be nice!
Maybe their momma's never told them that. :)

Kathy - aka Nana

I hate when there's a random unkind (or worse) comment. Thankfully I haven't had to deal with that too often. But then I don't get all that much traffic (perhaps there's a good side to that - ha!).

And I hate that some of my commenters are set up as "no reply". They are always the ones with whom I'd love to continue the conversation. ;-)

I love your Maison Joyeuse quilt (is that French ... I'll have to ask DD what that means - she took several years of French in high school). Is that 8 1/2" finished?


I think these look great - bright and fun and just what is needed at the moment I suspect. Sorry for your recent loss, that is heartbreaking. Patchwork is such a wonderful way for the mind to be absorbed and the heart to find solace.

Barbara Anne

Love these wonderful blocks and you'll soon have a whole quilt's worth at the rate you're going! Will you set them square, on point, with sashing or none, borders or none?

I learned from my mother that if you cannot be nice, be quiet and I think that applies to typing comments, too. In fact, I have a pottery plaque hanging in my home that is pretty and that says, "Because nice matters." You're nice!



I look for your blog posts every day and have for a long time! I rarely comment but I do like your designs, your fabric choices and you stories. Your granddaughter is growing up right before our eyes! The best thing to do with those comments are to delete them. You were right to do that and also to let us know how you felt. Keep on inspiring us!


Hi Nicole, I follow your blog regularly yet rarely, if ever comment. I just wanted to let you know in love your blog - always! I too chuckled at your story, I haven't been quilting that long, yet even I have come across the same type of person. I'm sorry you had nasty comments and good for you for deleting them, nobody wants any more negativity in their lives. In my experience quilters are the most generous, giving and caring people in the blogging community and you are one of them. I will continue to follow you, I really enjoy your choice of projects and fabrics. Keep up the great work and enjoy your day!!


Your blocks are coming along nicely Nicole. I love the fabrics and yes, 8 1/2" blocks are the perfect size. I don't mind that it takes a few more of them to get a larger quilt either.

Enjoy your day :)


I'm another one who follows your blog regularly but rarely comments. This is one of my favorite blogs. I love your quilty info and the little glimpses into your life. Sorry there were rude comments. I do love these blocks you are working on. So cute. Just what I need as I look outside and we still have snow! This has been a loooong winter!


I love those blocks, Nicole. And the fabric you're using is so perfect. Waiting patiently to see the end result. Sorry to hear about those rude comments. It seems that every blogger has a story like that at some time. My advice, ignore them and move on. Most quilters are the best friends, and most like to share. If someone decides not to, I guess that's their choice.

Sue Babich

What fun and happy blocks Nicole ! I am really enjoying watching your progress on this quilt :-D After I read your blog yesterday I searched online for this fabric and I could not believe my eyes when I found a jelly roll ! YEAH!!!

Have fun sewing today while it is raining !


...another long time lurker, rare commenter. I always enjoy checking in on your blog. It's great inspiration. I actually ordered, and started, the Halloween 1905? (I can't quite remember the quilt name off the top of my head) quilt you made last year. Anyway, it always puts a smile on my face to pop over to your blog and see what's going on in your world.

Jennifer Gwyn

Really love your new blog header - was that recent and I just didn't notice before? Cute, cute, cute watermelon log cabin pattern!


Your blocks are so happy & cheerful with the pops of red & yellow! Last year I had an experience asking for a recipe. You can imagine my surprise when she snapped, "No! I'm not going to give it to you! If I did what would I have left that was special?" Ummmm…ok…thanks, anyway. Message received! I guess I shouldn't have assumed that because I enjoy sharing my recipes everyone else does, too!!! It takes all kinds, doesn't it?!

Sandy Royal

My favorite is the 1st one in the 2nd row. Very nice quilt in the making. Love your Blog!


Loved your story yesterday, and your explanation today. While I read your posts everyday, I do not always comment. Love your cheery blocks that are quickly accumulating! Nice to see your watermelon quilt in your banner again. So summery!

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts

I love your happy zone sewing! Your blocks are so cute. Sorry you had some uncalled for comments. Hope you have a great day!


Blocks are looking great and yes...they make me happy too!. I just ignore some of those comments as not worth it. Keep sewing those blocks so we can see where they are going....thanks.

Debbie R.

The blocks look terrific. A happy tonic for all of us.

Penny H

I do follow & enjoy your blog but don't comment very often. But this time I can't resist offering my thoughts. I am always amazed at what people will say with the anonymity of the internet. I think that almost all mean & obscene statements would never be said face to face in "real" life! There's an expression "If you can't say anything nice then don't say it" ~ that's they way I was raised & continued that w/ my kids. I enjoyed the story Nicole and what prompted the fabric & your wonderful blocks! Thx for sharing!


Delightful blocks - if I didn't have way too many UFOs I would get right onto this project - in the meantime I'll put it on my wish list.


Seems like the 'lukers' are speaking out, so I will join them. Your blog is in my top four reads and so enjoy checking in. Love your taste and style and all the bits of advice given, it so helps us new quilters. But most of all that you seem to be a kind friend.

I go to a social quilt group twice a month (well try to) and we have two ladies that have their moments too. At first the attacks hurt but in time you realise their childhood might not have been as happy as ours or through unfortunate experiences as in bad marriage etc they feel the need to protect what is theirs. So to help them, I go out of my way to be extra kind to them and am now seeing some pleasant results. Effort pays off.

When my Mum passed away, I bought a treadle that I had longed for but my husband would not let me have previously and then pueced an entire queen size quilt in happy fabrics on it. It is on our bed at the moment and still makes me smile everytime I walk in there.

Wow, long post. Usually delete when I do this but will post today.
Have a wonderful day!


I try to read your blog every day but rarely comment. But, I have to say, your happy blocks are just what I needed tonight. My husband was admitted to the hospital today for major surgery and I needed something happy to read tonight. I can't wait to see the finished quilt!

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