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April 10, 2014



Yay for a solution and for helpful readers! You are back on track...

Sherry V.

YAY!! Now that I see the 2 sets of pictures it is so obvious. . . .but I never noticed in yesterday.

It's a good thing that others have better eyes than mine! LOL

Jennifer Gwyn

Fantastic! Enjoy seeing it come together successfully now!


YAY!! ;p


Yahoo for all the shout outs with help. How wonderful. You can always add an appliqued border to this as well,

Kathy ... aka Nana

More work, but I am sure that it will be worth it!

And yay for all the help you got. Bloggers and quilters are the best!


Hurray for helpful quilters! Just ask & the problem will be solved! Again, thank you for sharing both successes & difficulties with your quilts! It helps us all do better!

Four dogs and one quilter

Excellent save! More blocks = more shopping. A win-win situation.


Thank you for sharing your problems with this block. We all make mistakes or fail to see the problem and it is helpful for us to see that others experience the same things. I have a ruler, fabric and all the instructions I can print, ready to make a Kaleidoscope quilt, just hesitate to begin cutting!


Miss Jean

I would contact the person who made the ruler and ask them "what the heck?" So glad you had such good help.

Sue Babich

WHOO HOO !! Quilters are just the BEST ! Glad you are on the right track now :-D

Mary Flynn

Yay for your helpful readers! Well worth the effort to fix and once finished a happy victory!

Barbara Anne

Cheers for finding a good solution to the ill-fitting blocks conundrum, well done for being brave enough to try it, and applause to the folks who came up with the excellent suggestions to help you!!!

Happy dancing for you!!



Yay! So glad it worked out! I kept looking at them thinking they were fixable, so am glad they really were :) can't wait to see the completed top!


YEAH! Good ,good, good.



They are looking great and glad you were able to salvage this nice to have so many helpers. Keep us posted.


Yay! So glad it's working out! What a clever bunch of readers you have!!

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