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April 09, 2014



Such a shame. Love your fabric selection...I wonder if you added thin white sashing (finished size 1/2") between all the blocks if it would blend away the line-ups being slightly off????? Then you could make your quilt. Just a thought.


How about if you group the 12 piece blocks in the center and surround them with the 8 piece blocks separated by a thin white border. I know it's not the look you were going for, but it would put all those gorgeous fabrics in one quilt.


My vote is to make the little toppers and give them to a favorite charity or benefit. When something like this happens to me, I want to throw it in the closet and forget I ever did it.

Barbara Anne

What a huge BOTHER! When you start again, hope you can find an excellent tutorial that will give you complete instructions in a logical format. If the Denyse Schmidt fabric is still easy to find, get some more so you'll still have the look you wanted.

I agree with Andrea and Sheddy that you might try arranging the blocks together some way. It won't be the Kaleidoscope quilt you want, but it would be beautiful.

No more kicking yourself - okay?

Big hugs!


Whoa, how disappointing! It looks to me like the white triangles in the corners of your blocks are too big. They should not stray onto the vertical and horizontal 60 degree triangles (the reddish orange color in your top photo). However, I like the option you showed for a tabletopper (last photo). I realize it is not what you had in mind in the beginning but it is very modern and graphic looking and suits the colors.

Jacque Anderson

It seems to me that if you trimmed the blocks down to about where the seam is (or 1/4" from where the yellow/gray/white meet), things would line up. Trim the equal amount off the other blocks. Sounds too simple, but it's what makes sense to I looking at this wrong???

Kathy ... aka Nana

What a shame ... I'm so sorry.

I do like the table topper ... I know it's not at all what you were wanting, but at least it would keep your time and fabric from just going to waste.

Kathy Czuprynski

VERY cute table topper! Every project has its trials and tribulations. How else do we learn? Love all your work!

Nancy, Near Philadelphia

I kind of like Andrea's suggestion. I would be exasperated, too. Sheesh.


Frustrating to say the least. If you match up the blocks before you add the triangles are they the same size? if they are, then you could figure out the triangle and they would all be the same -right? I am probably missing so,etching. Sorry for,you it sucks!


Diane Linford

Yikes! This is no fun. Although the small version is cute. I hate it when stuff like this happens. Especially because right now I feel like my quilting hours are so few and far between.


Oh, I am so sorry! It's unfair, really. Instructions should be easily understood, that's what the customer is paying for, isn't it? (I am thinking of the Fit to be geese-rulers, those instructions are wonderful. Because of your tip a long time ago, I bought these rulers and have now made a beautiful star quilt for my niece.)
I want to make a kaleidoscope quilt in the future, but not with this ruler... As a non-native speaker, I need clear instructions for specialty rulers or patterns. :-)

Sherry V.

I completely understand your frustration. I attended a workshop many years ago, from the author of a book, and she was so mathematically "wired" (which I am not) that I still to this day have no idea how to make the pieces in the book. She was not good at explaining things either in the book or in person. . .

I like the little topper you have started. Perhaps if you wanted to make it larger you could put a small border around the center 9 blocks and use the outer blocks as the final border. It would give a different look.

But, I really like the way it is setting now also.

Looking forward to seeing how you resolve the issue.


What a bummer! You should write to the maker of the ruler and find out what the problem is. The corner triangles look too big.

pam hansen

Lots of good ideas from your readers, but still this is disappointing. I'm going to add one suggestion that is dear to my heart. Might you consider donating some of the blocks to a quilt ministry or other group that makes quilts for good causes.

I look forward to your next quilting adventure.


First of all, kudos to you for blogging mistakes! It is easy to blog success stories but not so much the bloopers...even though we all have them.
Second I really like the look of the table topper and if you can border it with a plain white and then finish with your pieced border with the secondary blocks you have entered the category of "pattern designer" . Making lemonade out of lemons. I mentioned on my blog a while back that, I learn something with every project I do...most times it is a new skill, or new method of doing things and sometimes the only thing I learn, is that I NEVER WANT TO DO THAT AGAIN!


I, too, appreciate you sharing your frustrations as well as your quilting success stories! I agree with Wendy's assessment…sometimes what we learn is we don't want to do that again! Breathe in; breathe out; move on...


Oh no! Such a shame after all that hard work and beautiful fabric. I have a similar project that's stuffed away because they didn't line up. It made me just sick; so much so that it hasn't been touched in 2 years.

Paulette Doyle

I HATE when that happens!! Quilting is hard enough without the ruler messing up!! But look at the bright side...that is one dang cute quilt top!! I LOVE IT!! Can't wait to see what the other topper looks like!! :o))


Thanks for sharing your mishap. Sometimes we read blogs of other quilters and think everything goes smoothly for them. It's good to hear that others have problems too. I would write to the ruler and company and let them know what happened. Feeling your pain. I do love the table topper.


I haven't gone through the other comments to see if this was suggested, but it looks like to me - if you cut the blocks down a little (or used a bigger seam), that you could get those intersections to line up. Try stitching two together at a 1/2'' seam (which you could take out if it didn't work out). Then, if that worked, you know that you could trim off 1/4'' on each side of the blocks to get them to line up....

Julie in WA

My first thought was the same as Sheddy's comment.... put maybe nine of the same blocks in the center, then a white containment border. Then surround that with the second block, followed by a border. Keep going until the blocks are used up. It would make a sort of medallion quilt. Oh oh, maybe even use an appliqued piece in the center. Oh, the possibilities! If I wasn't so busy, I'd say to send them on over to me and I'll do it for you!


Your triangles look way too big to me. When you are sewing them on the block they should be the same size as the piece you are sewing them on. I am not explaining my self well! Also when you are arranging them every other one should be rotated so they are not all oriented like a cross. I think you may have sewn half the triangles on the wrong corner. I made a kaleidoscope quilt years ago so this is calling up some old memories.


I feel your pain. Totally sucks when you spend a lot of time and beautiful fabric and you don't make it to your final goal. Been there. Done that. :[

I do like the table topper idea. Those blocks at the end look really good together.

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts

Could the triangles be on the wrong corners? I am really sorry to read about all these problems~ and I was going to follow your lead and make this quilt! :-o Did you write to the ruler/pattern author? I think I would. Thanks for the info! I hope you can salvage things by making some toppers.

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