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May 06, 2014


Kathy ... aka Nana

Now that sounds like my kind of cookbook! Thanks for sharing that with us.

Barbara Anne

What an interesting format for a cookbook! If only we didn't already have more than 300 cookbooks ... and that's a low estimate. DH loves cookbooks as does AMIL.

Perhaps that would be a good cookbook to give AMIL for Mother's day? She isn't up for much cooking like she used to be.


Diane Linford

And now you are a bit of a bad influence on me! I might have to have this cookbook. My husband might faint if I started really cooking meals again!


Sounds like a wonderful cookbook.

Liz S.

Mmmm my mouth is watering, thanks for a new lead on the next cookbook!

pam hansen

Your salad looks yummy. Hot dressing made with olive oil would be something new to try. I'm with you on using good olive oil.
And your clematis is absolutely lovely. So lovely how it looks on the rod iron.


Yummy! Now I want one too :)


Wow looks like an awesome cookbook. And perfect for quick summer meals.


As winter approaches Down Under, I'm back to soups and slow cooker meals. But that salad looks delicious!

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