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June 04, 2014


Barbara Anne

Applause on your flying thru the wee Flying Geese construction!! As you always do, with great accuracy and delightful colors under your sewing needle. Hope your plans work out, ideal world or not.

Thanks for the update on Grandpa as he's been in my thoughts. I'm glad there are things in this life that still bring him pleasure. Who know? Perhaps Mom is there to be with him?



Those are tiny geese! Duck duck goose on the nursing home lawn, how sweet


I need a flying geese lesson from you!

It is hard to watch our loved ones decline in health. I'll pray for comfort for you all.

Denise in PA

I'm glad Grandpa still has some pleasures. And, I too think Mom just might be there with him. o:) Nice geese!


Poor grandpa, I was wondering how he was doing. I bet he still enjoys your visits :)


I've wondered about grandpa. Mimi a true believer those who have gone before us visit....bless his heart!

Kathy ... aka Nana

Love all those tiny geese. Watching our loved ones decline is so difficult ... praying for you all.

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