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June 05, 2014


Barbara Anne

I have gotten out of the habit of using makeup unless it's a special occasion but I realize that I would look a lot better, more rested, and perhaps a bit younger if I did use it.

Thanks for your suggestions! I've made a note to put in my purse, but then I seldom go shopping either so may have to seek an on-line source.


Barbara Anne

Oh, and what color are your eyes?



Loved this post. Have you ever tried Laura Mercier Eye Basics? It creates the perfect canvas for eyes by camouflaging eye imperfections and enhancing the durability of eye makeup. (These are their words, not mine ;o) It comes in a wand like lip gloss.


I'm with you Nicole, I love Chanel products. Their pressed powder is just lovely, but my special favourite product is their liquid eyeliner. I wear it almost every day, and my current one has lasted just over a year. Well worth the money IMHO.


Thanks, Nicole. I definitely enjoyed this post. I love Chanel products, and I especially love their fragrances. Chanel 19 and Coco are two of my favourites.


Wish I lived near a big department store. I miss all these lovely products. I use Smashbox hydrating primer. It is soooo smooth. I will try your suggestions. And thanks so much for the tips! Pam


Loved this post, but I'm a girly girl and rarely go out without any makeup on. I'll need to try out some of your suggestions. I have combo oily skin so still use my Mary Kay, it gives me great coverage that lasts all day without looking like makeup. I like their mascara so too, but will need to try out yours. Thanks for switching up things, maybe a nail post?

Sandy M

In my family, it's almost sacrilege to leave the house without makeup. I used to use MAC cream foundation for a long time but have moved away from it because it leaves such a cakey feel.
My niece is a beautician and she introduced me to Sephora brushes. I now use a brush to put on my concealer (dab dab dab, swirl swirl swirl) under the eyes and on eyelids. I have never had a better distribution of the concealer. They also have some great foundation brushes that I use with my liquid foundation. It's not your usual flat foundation brush. It is fantastic to spread nice and thin. I use Smashbox Photo Finish primer and it's nice and smooth making it feel like there is nothing extra to weigh you down. My finishing powder is HD Microfinish Powder by Makeup For Ever. It's very thin white powder that just fills in and sets everything. Because it's so fine the color is irrelevant. Love it!


I totally agree with you about the Chanel Vitalumiere; it is well worth the price. One new thing I have tried is an eyeliner called Tightline by IT Cosmetics; it looks like a mascara wand, but you push it very tight to your lashline and voila: a perfect eyeliner in one easy step. Interesting post; thanks.

Debbie R.

I really liked your post. Very informative. Now I want to know, will you come and do a makeup lesson! Thanks for all the tips.


I wear makeup everyday except on a weekend day that I know I am not leaving the house. I've used Merle Norman since high school...such a creature of habit and just stay with what I know. Although, when it comes to mascara, I usually use whatever I pick up from the grocery store or pharmacy that doesn't interfere with my contacts.

This is an interesting post and may just inspire to step out of the box and try something new.


I love L'occitane...they NOW have make up. I use their divine collection......LOVE it! I know it is expensive but ya know, it lasts about 8 months to a year...I can't wear anything on my eyes, too many I spurge on my old face!

Diane Linford

So fun. Thanks for sharing. I've recently switched to Bare Minerals and really like it.

Denise in PA

Yes, what a fun post! I, too, never go out without makeup, so I get you! I've found more than one product that I love from posts like these. As far as primer's go, have you ever tried DHC's Velvet Skin Coat? I love it. I also love Merle Norman's Ultra Powder Foundation. Can be used wet or dry. That was a find from an "internet friend". It is a little hard to find as they only sell in their own stores and not on-line (which I don't get). I also love The Body Shop's Lip Liner Fixer. Really keeps the lipstick from "spreading" into those teeny little crevices around the lips!

Jennifer Gwyn

For most of my post-college life, I usually only wear eyeliner and mascara, with a little bit of bronzer on my cheeks. The last time I purged my makeup bag and bought new stuff was for my wedding - 12 years ago! Probably about time now. I'll be looking into your suggestions! Thanks!

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