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June 06, 2014


Barbara Anne

Love the little Fabric Hoarder bag! This is one kind of hoarding that is totally healthy - we're working in safe, well-padded rooms!

Cheers for your wizard progress on your wee Flying Geese! Will this little quilt be called Goosey Goosey Gander in honor of smiling games on the nursing home lawn?

Thanks for the last make-up tip. My eyebrows try to look a bit like Mr. Spock's these days. Sigh!



Loving the geese! I was serious when I said I need a lesson from you. Ever thought about turorial showcasing your method?

Yes, I too enjoy your occasional post on "special" topics.

Hope you have an enjoyable weekend also.

Mary Kastner

My geese are finished as well! Now to get this quilt put together. Thanks for the makeup tips. I can use all the help I can get! have a nice weekend.


Debbie R.

Geese look great. Can't wait to see the finish.
As for the make-up tip, another good one. Who would have thought our faces had so many parts to be attended to!

Lisa D.

I'm going to try your eyebrow product. My eyebrows seem to want to turn white, like my hair!

pam hansen

I'm anxious to try Laura M's eye brow product. Sounds like a good fit for me.
Have a great weekend.

Patty Fowl

Loved today's and yesterday's change-up from quilting (but ALWAYS love following your quilting adventures too!). It is nice to know what someone else has tried and loved. Any tips where women over 50 can shop for clothes? It seems harder and harder to find clothes that don't make one look too matronly or too trendy!


Cute geese and thanks for the eyebrow info. My brows were already sparse, so I'm glad I'm not the only one who needs to fill in their brows. I'll have to give that gel a try.

Kathy ... aka Nana

That Fabric Hoarder bag is awesome! I love tote bags any way, and that one is fabulous!

Just love those little geese ... so cute.

Laura @ Prairie Sewn Studios

Love the geese! How many total do you need to make?


Yes - eyebrows are extremely important. I use an eyebrow gel from Lancome that comes in a wand similar to mascara. It works wonderfully and lasts a long time too.

Good beauty tips Nicole - thanks.

Sinta Renee

Exactly what I needed! I like your geese!


Eyebrows are like the picture frame on your face - they are finish that sets it off. It's true! If you take eyebrows off a picture the face looks quite different. I found my first grey eyebrow the other day, sob!

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