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June 03, 2014


Kathy ... aka Nana

What a beautiful quilt with such fantastic quilting! One of my pet peeves with so many long arm quilters is that they overquilt so that the quilting steals the show. But in this case, Mary did a fabulous job ... the quilting perfectly complements the piecing.

I can't wait to see the other quilt and to see those teeny flying geese.


Beautiful!! Love the fabric and that quilting just makes it pop! Looking forward to your next show and tell. :)

Lisa D.

That is really beautiful, Mary did a wonderful job. I'm anxious to see the second quilt!

Mary C.

Oooh, that is SO pretty. I do believe I have that pattern in my "collection" - I may have to find it.

Sharon Eshlaman

Mary has quilted a quilt for me and she does a fantastic job. I would highly recommend her. Nice quilt. Thanks for sharing.


The quilt looks great! Very nice piecing and the quilting really sets it off. I am doing 56 tiny flying geese right now too. Mine are 11/2 by 2 1/2". part of a Jo 'Morton quilt. Rather tedious huh! have a good one.


Barbara Anne

I've loved this quilt since I first saw it and Mary Flynn's quilting makes it all the lovelier!!

I agree with Kathy...aka Nana that some quilters over-quilt to the extent that the quilt top plays second fiddle to their abundant and sometimes colorful quilting. Mary's choice of quilting patterns perfectly enhances and adds fun to your quilt.

Of course, I am anxiously awaiting the unveiling of the other quilt that arrived in the box.

Ah, I was unaware your home has a staircase and upstairs area. Very interesting!



Love it! Noticed your banner right away too :)

Sue Babich

Love this quilt & as always Mary did a great job quilting it for you ! Looking forward to seeing the other quilt :-D

Debbie R.

Paganini is beautiful. So fresh and summery!


Very nice, I agree with the above comments, she did a great job balancing the quilting. Some quilters who have computerized systems just over quilt things to death, "just because you can, doesn't mean you should". Can't wait to see what else she did for you!

Jennifer Gwyn

Love the new blog banner and Breakfast is one of their best collections, in my opinion. Keep on quilting!


You and Mary did a fantastic job on this one. I love seeing Mary's "frosting". I keep saying that I am going to send her one of mine one day.


Love that quilting! And Breakfast is one of my favorite Fig Tree collections!


Mary did a great job on making P. even more beautiful! Hmmm, I might have to send her mine to do now!

Linda W.

Is there anything made with Fig Tree that doesn't come out just beautiful? Of course, your expert piecing and that amazing quilting helps too. A summery fun quilt to add to your collection. Thanks for sharing this masterpiece!


Love your little quilt and the quilting is beautiful!


For you...a pleasure! Love that banner!


Your quilt is lovely and well quilted. Mary has one of my quilts now and I can't wait to see how it turns out. A very talented lady who has a passion for bringing our quilts to life! Will check back to see your second quilt.


I've noticed this quilt in your blog header. It's lovely!

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