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June 02, 2014



I think that Trace turned out lovely. I like that you did some swirly loops in your border and didn't simply extend the grid lines out into it. I've always used Kona white when I need a whiter white.


Like Donna, I use Kona White as my brightest white. You are making the version of Trace that attracts me most, looking forward to seeing how it comes along.

Barbara Anne

Your quilting on Trace is just fine and I admire your bravery in stitching those loops!

I'd just use the whitest white on hand as I don't care to match what the instructions say just because. IMHO, your wonderful Vintage Happy fabrics would look good with less than pristine whites, but then I'm in "use what I've got" mode.

Have fun!


Debbie R.

Trace looks great! Take back your dissing of your own quilting. It's done, it's pretty, it's out for all to enjoy, and the flowers show it off to perfection.


I use Moda Bella solid #9900 color 97. It looks really good with all of the new bright fabrics. I ordered a bolt from Fat Quarter Shop so I always have what I need. I'm also "quilting challenged". Lol. I should be called a piecer instead of a quilter.


It looks beautiful, Nicole. Even when photo is enlarged! No more dissing of self allowed. :)


I am using Vintage Happy to make Great Granny Squared and using
Kona snow solid. Looks good!

Sue Babich

Trace is such a sweet quilt & your quilting is wonderful !

Laura Valdez

I love Kona white, snow is the one I usually get. And your quilting looks good. Mine on the other hand leaves a lot to be desired! Thanks for all the fun!


Your quilting looks great! Love Trace :) I also use Kona white for my bright white, it seems the Kona is a little whiter than the Bella solids. Can't wait to see your next one, I'm so impressed you've finished them up so fast!


Trace looks lovely on your table, and I can't see any crappy quilting. When I use white for a project, I usually use Kona snow. However, my preference is to use a lot of different patterned white on whites as I love a scrappy look. Vintage Happy is a fabulous choice and I know you'll have fun putting all these fabrics together, perhaps making a few changes?


i use the moda bella solid bleached white #98. i keep at least 4 yrds on hand. it's also good for embroidery backgrounds. ;p


Trace is so adorable and I wouldn't consider the quilting 'crappy'. Like some of your other followers, I use Moda Bella Solid but I can't remember which white it is...sorry.

Hope you have a great week!

Andee Neff

It is really cute!

Nancy Anne in the Finger Lakes

LOL!!! Looks better than my last attempt! I so enjoy your blog, even if I don't comment often. I feel more comfortable being a lurker, but I know I have to comment occasionally so you know I (and the other lurkers) am out here and enjoying what you have to say!

Diane Linford

No crappy quilting there...I even zoomed in to check! I have a bolt of Moda Bella Solid Bleached White, (color 98O) The whole code on the bolt is 9900 98. I love it for a white white.I bought it from the Fat Quarter Quilt Shop and it was here in just a couple of days.

Diane Linford

On that last post from me I put color 980 by accident. It is color 98.


I buy only Kona White and Kona Snow. I use snow for the Fig Tree projects and white for almost everything else. Since I only have these two whites it's easy to replenish and I don't need to worry about which brand it is. So this means that when I get a creamy solid in a stack of Fig fat quarters it goes right into the trash. I learned a lesson the hard way when I mistakenly mixed whites in one quilt - it looked fine at first but the difference became apparent after it aged. Hope this isn't too much info!


Hi, lovely quilts! I always use Moda Bella Solids #98 as my 'go to' white.


This is such a sweet quilt! Gotta love a chardy fuelled shopping spree!!!


Your little quilt is adorable and I think your quilting is wonderful too!


Your little quilt is adorable! Sometimes we are too hard on ourselves. I always say if you can't see your mistakes riding on a horse at a gallop, it's good! I just started using Kona solids but I bet a cream would also look lovely with those colors. I have Vintage Happy too but haven't used them so I will be very interested to see your quilt when it is done.


Trace is lovely! I don't see any crappy quilting. I don't have any white white, the closest I have is off white. I don't like stark white as much. I think the Moda Bella 98 is the whitest white. I'm still laughing about Chardonnay fueled shopping!

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