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July 16, 2014



So cool...I can't wait to see your design wall full of them!


Look at you go; these easy curves are so addictive!
Love your curved up pinwheels!!


These are REALLY cute! You are sure turning out some projects this summer! :) You go girl!

Barbara Anne

Whoa Nellie, is right! You're at warp speed with these sequential projects and I'm so dizzy my head is spinning!

These two blocks are delicious and Thelma's version is wonderful! You may have tempted me to get this ruler ...!

Enjoy the process!



I like the alternative Thelma came up with too, and look forward to seeing your version. So glad you are having fun with this ruler. I think I will try it again myself, after I finish my current monster of a project.


Oh man! I so need to get one of these rulers! Thank you so much for showing your progress! Take care, Byrd


Love your pinwheels…any block with a pinwheel is bound to be cute!! Thanks for sharing the inspiration!


I too got taken in when I got this ruler if you check out my blog I posted my projects at the beginning of the curve along and I have metro hoops waiting in the wings for jenny to do her squaring up new video I have not heard from her as of yet yours is gonna look great I am going to have to give this one a go


lol, this pattern is the one i first saw over a year ago and it is why i bought the ruler!!! i fell in love with the pattern and decided i have to make it someday!! ;p

nicole, i love reading your blog. you are one of my favorites! and dang, you are so inspire me. ;p


Whoa that is one gorgeous block! Love the name Thelma came up with :)

Sinta Renee

Love it! Thanks for helping with the mystery of keeping those blocks under control! I might like to order that ruler and make a couple of the patterns you and your quilt along group have been showing


I have seen curved pieced blocks on another coupe bogs and I think they are using the same ruler/template that you are. Amazing how nice the blocks look using this technique.

Liz A.

Wow--you are really turning them out. Glad my finger notations made on my iPad late at night made sense to ruler arrived but I need to finish some other things before I can think about playing with it. I'm definitely enjoying looking at all your pictures.

Debbie R.

That is a fantastic block. I love pinwheel blocks, and this one rocks. As for you, you sure can churn through quilts. I'm amazed at how much you get done.

Jennifer Gwyn

Love that fabric in your pinwheels. I think I recognize ... "Just My Type"? The blocks look wonderful. Have fun!


LOVE it! I like it better without the lattice! I want to try this same treatment with the centers of the urban 9-patch! :)

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