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July 22, 2014



Clever Thelma, coming up with this modified design. I like it too!

Kathy ... aka Nana

What gorgeous fabrics! While I love that quilt with the lattice, I really like it without as well. I like how there's a secondary circular pattern and as an imperfect piecer, I like the idea of oversized blocks and no matching seams. ;-)

Barbara Anne

Way to go! This is a lovely quilt and it does, indeed, look a lot like a Cathedral Window - but without all the folded and stitched fabrics the Cathedral Window requires.

Glad you're having fun with this quilt!



Very pretty!


Your quilt is lovely & it's nice to enjoy a project right from the get-go! Thank goodness for FQS's speedy service!

Mary Kastner

I saw Thelma's change and really thought it was fabulous. Yours is as well. Very clever idea. Love your choice of fabrics too.



Great steal for the name! That fabric collection suits this to a T!

Jennifer Gwyn

Nice. Will you be making all of SKofW patterns? Looks like you are on track to get through them all this year at your speed! Thank goodness for FQS!


Looks fabulous, Nicole, and it really does have that Cathedral Windows look but without all the fussiness involved. Cute name, Thelma has an interesting imagination.


i loved that when i saw thelma post on instagram! i love yours too! ;p

Sue Babich

I am in LOVE !!! You are really tempting me to make this quilt ;-)

I love how Thelma always thinks outside the box !

Are you enjoying this rain we have been having ?


Love it! I thought it had a cathedral window look too when I saw Thelma's. As for Cosmo Cricket, their fabric I think is hard to find because sometimes it's listed under Eric & Julie Comstock or The Comstocks, or Cosmo Cricket. They have several lines that came out like twenty-three, Baby Jane, Odds & Ends and I think a few more. The moda site doesn't keep their old lines listed on their site, not sure why as it is really helpful when looking for a specific fabric.


I love the look of these blocks - can't wait to see the finished quilt top!

Paula K.

I really like the look of your quilt to be. Sincerely, Paula K.


It looks really good. It does look like Cathedral Windows, but with the curves they actually seem like they are spinning or twisting. Spinning Cathedral Windows! Cosmo Cricket is now called by their actual names Eric and Julie Comstock. Southern Fabrics have their newest line. It has similar colours to their Salt Air line. Fat Quartsr Shop have skipped this one but list their next one after as coming soon. It's all red white and blue.

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