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July 21, 2014



I am going to start a hoops might be the next town raffle quilt for 2015 I hope to get started and have few problems still I wait for new video on squaring up
after!I finish my Tennessee waltz glad you finished it is beautiful!

Mary Kastner

It is beautiful and I admire your determination to get that ruler to work for you. well worth it. At this oink in my life, I think I will watch you instead of buying one for myself! great job Nicole!


Mary Kastner

At this oink??? That would be point! Sorry about that!



lol I knew what you meant Mary. That darn spell check.


Love your quilt. I was thinking of making Metro Hoops but HATE the waste of fabric. I prefer to cut and sew accurate rather than trim so this is not my ideal pattern.

Barbara Anne

Applause, applause!!! Metro Hoops is wonderful and am glad you had the determination and helpful suggestions to persevere a finish it! Will you add borders? So many quilts go borderless these days, but IMHO, this one might like to be framed - or not! Are you happy dancing?!

I appreciate your link to helpful info. and your own suggestions as a veteran of making Metro Hoops.

My current project is a very simple and cheerful Baby 9 Patch.


Debbie R.

The end result is beautiful, so good on you for persevering. Thanks for sharing your experience. So helpful.



Four dogs and one quilter

Your quilt is lovely. Thanks for sharing your experiences, good and bad, with this pattern.


It's beautiful, I like it very much! When you use the spray starch do you apply it in a different location or right at your ironing board? I've had issues with it making my ironing board cover sticky after using it for a while...I love to starch my fabric to make it crisp, but don't like my material sticking to my ironing board cover when I iron.


Love your finished quilt and the great pattern review! I know you're not the only one who's experienced the squaring up problem so hopefully they will revise their pattern instructions :)


yep, i LOVE the virtual quilting friends! thanks for the tips and advice. i'll start with the simpler pattern. ;p

Liz A.

beautiful! can't wait to see how it gets quilted.

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