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July 15, 2014



it looks great !!I also thought I would make mine wider had to get more black for those corners and didn't match had to go back to the same walmart to get the fabric to match and finished the same size as the pattern im hoping to get it up on my blog today I wish you would do a video on how you squared yours up or liz who showed before I tackle mine that would be great I am finishing up my Tennessee waltz now


Very pretty. Good job sticking to it!


Wow! It looks great!


Looks wonderful, glad you persevered! I not the best at choosing quilt patterns, but a variation on a compass rose would look nice in those hoops!

Barbara Anne

Applause, applause at yet another successful quilt despite the challenge Metro Hoops has been!!! Looks to me as if it could be finished at the size shown, but you may want it to be larger and then there IS more brown fabric en route!

Oh, the choices of what to quilt in the hoops is endless! Would you want something modern like bubbles, a flower, a spiral, or a wreath like quaint design? Is your quilter one who has wonderful ideas to suggest? Have fun deciding!



Very impressed with your progress! Your quilt will be gorgeous especially if you add some custom quilting in the centers. I say go for 25 blocks but make sure you have enough brown before you start :)

Debbie R.

Metro Hoops is looking great. Love your Urban Winter. By the time these quilts are done, you'll probably have mastered curves with that rule!


it looks so beautiful!!! ;p

Sue Babich

You are going to town now ! Just gorgeous blocks ! I applaud you !

Sinta Renee

It is beautiful! I like the size you have it at now. It's good to stretch yourself and learn new things... but I think you earned a easy project next!

Liz S.

Oooh it's beautiful... perfect size I say!
If it were up to me, I'd put feathers inside those circles! I love feathers!
Thanks so much for sharing your progress, I'm learning from you!

Liz A.

Looks great -- good for you, despite all the hassles, you stuck with it and learned something in the process.

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