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July 14, 2014



LOVE your Urban Winter-need to pull fabrics and make this one too. Glad you've not given up on Metro Hoops!


Hurray! Urban Winter is a beauty and once again you have inspired us with the QCR and your cool color palette. You are speedy-quick Nicole!

Nancy, Near Philadelphia

I have always spelled it FLIMSY but will immediately switch to FLIMSIE -- has a much finer ring to it!

Barbara Anne

Urban Winter is just beautiful and I know you're over the moon pleased with this quilt and your growing skills with curves!! Yes, those cream squares will be wonderful for a quilting design - perhaps snowflakes, due to the name of the quilt pattern?

Bother about needing yet more brown fabric, but am glad Hoops is going well at last, too.

Hope this week is calmer for you.



It certainly doesn't hurt to sit and put your feet up once in a while. It makes things a little easier once you get up and get going. And get going you did. Urban Winter is lovely and the white blocks will be perfect for some specialized quilting.

Sue Babich

Urban Winter is GORGEOUS ! I applaud you on another great finish and for conquering this ruler. Hope you have a fun week of more sewing !


Dang!!! It looks beautiful! WIth your feet up read a book or work on hand embroidery. I've been streaming lots of foreign films lately. ;p


Very nice!

Lisa D.

It turned out really beautiful, Nicole! I wish I had picked an easier pattern. My Metro Hoops is currently in "time out."

Sew Kind of Wonderful

It turned out beautiful!! Love the colors you chose!

Diane Linford

Whenever you worry about not getting much quilting done, just think of me and you will feel super productive! This quilt is so pretty. I love it.

Kathy ... aka Nana

Gorgeous ... just gorgeous!


I would go with flimsy, but not really sure? I collapse with my feet up most nights.

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