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August 29, 2014


Sandy M

Kim's class has been my best learning experience in ages. After so many years of quilting I tend to go to classes just to hang out with my peeps. I always learn something, but typically it comes in the form of tips and tricks. But Kim's class was a full learning experience. It was a new skill altogether. I wouldn't mind taking another class with her just as a refresher. lol! Plus she is a hoot! So happy you enjoyed it.
I need to ask, what is the background fabric you used for the Idaho Lily block. I love the small stars.

Mary Kastner

Nice shopping! The new cutter looks good. I am definitely looking for a Kim class in my future. it sounded wonderful to me and I avoid machine appliqué at all costs. Your block is beautiful!



I was wondering about the tension of your sewing machine when using the invisible thread. Does it take a lot of adjusting on your machine? I would love to take a class from Kim someday... :)


Sorry about the drool all over your goody table! That is quite a score you have there.

My old machine had no problem at all with the monofilament thread but my new one HATES it. Makes me sad...nothing I have tried will convince the machine to play nice.

I've never seen this new rotary cutter but I think I would like the new way of changing the blade.

Enjoy your weekend :)

Sue Babich

WOW ! You really scored !! I see a couple of fabrics I like to have ;-)

I already have that cutter and it is wonderful !

I invisible machine appliqué everything now. It is the only way to go

Have a Happy & Safe Labor Day Weekend !


Wow, you did some heavy duty shopping...looks exciting!


yay! you had a lovely trip...happy for you. ;p


Your block came out beautiful! I have that rotary cutter and love it! It really is super easy to change :) can't wait for you to share your goodies in more detail, looks like lots of great stuff!

Kathy ... aka Nana

I resisted that new rotary cutter because I already have two ... but I am certainly intrigued by the ease of changing blades!

I have been thinking a lot about trying invisible machine applique ... did you take a class or did you use a tutorial/book that helped you that you could recommend to me?

Barbara Anne

The Idaho Lily block is lovely!

I, too, am interested in the use of invisible applique stitches so would like to know the stitch setting on your machine and the type needle used as you use the Sulky thread.

What a table full of delicious fabrics you have to play with!!

Cool changes in the new Olfa rotary cutter! The shape reminds me of my first Olfa 20+ years ago and it wasn't very ergonomic. How is this one for cutting and wrist position?

Charming Lulu's sounds delightful!


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