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October 09, 2014



Yes! You need to make one!


Orange Peel is in my future too, and I have a book called Playful Petals with lots of inspiring photos. Thanks for the inspiration here!

Kathy ... aka Nana

I've been intrigued by all the Orange Peels out there lately, and since I'm wanting to learn to applique, I'm thinking an Orange Peel quilt will be just the way to go! ;-)

Barbara Anne

Now, honey, if I were to aspire to make an Orange Peel, my family would keel over. I haven't done curves! True confession.

These Orange Peel quilts you've pictured and those in the links are inspiring, so you never know. Since you're you and you're a wizard, your Orange Peel quilt will likely be finished next week!! You know that's true, too!


Mary Kastner

I love orange peel. I made a little one last year for my sister's birthday- I think it was about 24" square. it was scrappy and I really had a hard time sending it away. She does love it. They are really easy to make and look spectacular. The charm squares are perfect for them too. I will be making another one I am sure - for me this time! Good luck with it. I think you will enjoy the process.


Sandy M

Love Love Orange Peels. A while ago everyone was make a variation of it (Joseph's coat) and I was very tempted but I found the construction a bit off putting because of it's complexity. I then discovered the Orange Peel which gave me a similar look but sooo much easier.. If you decide to do it by hand it's a great travel project.

Michele K

Now look what you've done! I want to make one too...guess I'll add it to the long list of quilts to make! Can't wait to see yours!


I'm in!! I need an Orange Peel Quilt!!


lol, the internet is sooooo inspirational! so many quilts i never would have made(or plan to make) without that picture of inspiration! ;p


Lots of great…tempting…thoughts on the orange peel quilt! Should I? shouldn't I? decisions…decisions!


Beautiful! Been pondering making an orange peel quilt as well. Loved your picture examples.


I loved the scrappy background and reproduction one the best. Funny how the fabrics totally change the quilt. Will stay posted for what you do :)


Love the Black and Tan version and the orange and white version -heck- I love them all! Not that I needed any more inspiration to distract me!

Mary Flynn

How exciting! So many pretty ones...I wouldn't know which color is a favorite.

Tanya Quilts in CO

I made a rainbow layout version here is a link I used machine appliqué with a button hole stitch and Wonder Under. I definitely plan on making another one. Good luck!


I love orange peel quilts. Lots of ways for different layouts. The needle turn appliqué method goes faster than you would think. I love the one on your blog in black on cream. I'm off to find my template and start cutting scraps.


This is one of the last quilts I would ever think to sew - the curves! But after seeing the pictures, I think I'd love a black one.


What great variations of orange peel. I'm inspired!! And love the idea of hand work. Another quilt for my "quilt bucket list". The list is getting very long, I'd have to live to be 100 to complete it. I think this one might move to the top of the list.

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