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November 04, 2014


Mary Kastner

The quilts look great and so does the roast. I am still in the moving process. Not much sewing going on but lots of thinking about it. Have a great day Nicole.


Julie in WA

Have you ever done the pot roast in a crock pot using this recipe?

Barbara Anne

Love the quilts all over the house and Miss E's new quilt that's in process! Love the pinks!

I'd like to live next door to you. Maybe I'd get more sewing done as you'd be up close inspiration.

Yes, a pot roast is needed here and your recipe sounds like a winner. I'd be interested in your answer to Julie's question about making it in a crock pot. Have you??

Happy Birthday to Grandpa Larry! When my mother had fallen silent due to Alzheimer's, on her last birthday as we sang the Birthday Song to her, she perked up and sang along. Sweet memory.

Do go vote today!



Thanks for the recipe. Yum.

I just love, love, love your Antique Stars quilt ... and cannot wait to see it done.


i HATE unsewing. :( however, if you send that beautiful quilt to me i'll make sure and get it finished by year's end. you won't get it back but it will be done. and then it will sit for another year in the 'waiting' to be quilted pile at my house. ;p

Debbie R.

Well, your "nothing" sounds like a lot to me! Love the peek at the big girl quilt. It's great! And pink, too :-) I hope you have the heart to carry on with your Antique Stars. That is going to be a beautiful quilt. As for 'unsewing' it is humbling and not fun, but sometimes necessary, and almost always well worth the effort.


Love Eva's quilt and hearing about grandpa! So glad he is doing well and has a special friend, you're too funny with the comment about mama is here :)

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