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April 14, 2015



Love the cushions. Can you tell me what type of fabric you used? I have some I also need to recover this year! thank you>
Mary in rainy Florida

Barbara Anne

Well done! Love the new fabrics, you did a stellar job recovering the cushions, and the new pillows are just perfect. Here's to a good 28th season for this set!

My DH always says new stuff is no good so much of our furniture inside and out is old and some is pretty enough to be called antiques. The wood was just so much better quality, denser grain, and harder back when these things are made. That quality wood is no longer available unless you pay more than an arm and a leg.

Hugs from rainy Virginia


The cushions look so summery! Lots of history in those fabric layers! I have my grandmother's rattan family room furniture from the 1950's. There are layers of tropical prints from Florida underneath our newer 'cabin-y' patterns from our move to the West!


That is truly a quality set of patio furniture to have lasted so long. I love the fabric he chose for the cushions.

Linda Kay

The cushions look so nice. What kind of fabric did you use?


Oh gosh! What a nostalgic post! I know how my life has changed in 28 years, and yours would be no different. Thought-provoking post - thank you!


Your hubby bought some pretty great stuff for you to last almost 30 years now. And I'm sure it'll look great with the new cushions!

Lisa D.

It must have been quite a walk down Memory Lane when you saw all the previous fabrics you had used to recover the cushions. Way to reuse and recycle, I'm impressed!

Laura @ Prairie Sewn Studios

New cushions look great! And that means you had enough fabric! Yay!

Nancy Watkins



Is it too late for a tutorial? I've got some cushions to recover and I am not sure how to go about it. I was going to take apart the old casings to use as patterns but you leave on the old fabric. Hmmm...


I really like the new fabric for the outdoor set. I was just about to buy new cushions for my outdoor furniture... I had not even thought about recovering them. Was it, other than time consuming, a challenge? I did, however, think about spray painting the frames on the loveseat and chairs. Even to do black again would give it a better look.

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