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June 24, 2015



Try not to call "uncle" Nicole :o) Three inch blocks are tedious, especially when you need lots of them but keep going! You're going to have a beautiful quilt when you're done!


I agree, try hard to persevere and not cry "Uncle" on this ... I can only imagine the breathtaking beauty of a full sized quilt made up of those adorable little 3" bow tie blocks, especially in that setting. It's going to be spectacular! And kudos on finding a way to work around the fan. ;-)


Sewing the bow-tie blocks in units is a good idea. I hope you won't abandon this project because it is adorable. Can you make it a leader and ender project so it isn't so tedious?

Barbara Anne

Which orange? Is it the orange large scale print or one of the others? Any of the oranges will look great!

Hope when it's time to say "Uncle" about these wee bow-tie blocks, you have the needed number for your quilt and perhaps enough for a doll quilt, If you're really on a roll, you could also make enough for a curtain border, a bedskirt or to reupholster the couch - all in addition to enough to finish your quilt! Love the anti-fan breeze tactic you've found for your small bow-tie blocks, too.

Stay cool!


Tracey Holzer

I cannot wait to see your bow tie quilt done. It is going to be fabulous.

Mary Kastner

I am convinced the husband OCD behavior grows with age. Good grief Nicole you are going great on the bow ties. I love them! just adorable.



I have 525 3-inch bow tie blocks so far. I think I want 900 of them. I have thought about putting the nine patches together but haven't started yet. I have been doing mine as leaders/enders.

Yours look great.


Love your bow ties and the anti-fan solution sounds great! I'm not an orange fan (expect for Halloween) but I'm sure you're quilt will look great:-)

Laura Valdez

I love the way you put the blocks in 9 patch! Such a great way to handle the little blocks better! Thanks for the idea!


genius idea to sew the little blocks together in groups! ;p

Laura @ Prairie Sewn Studios

Oh good idea on sewing the blocks into groups! I've had the fan experience (although I did it to myself by turning on the ceiling fan) and it was NOT fun.

Barbara Anne

Had to pop back as I just remembered wonderful Mary Ellen Hopkins' method of putting a quilt top together. Pair up your blocks according to your planned layout. Sew the pairs together. Take two next-door-neighbor pairs and sew those into groups of four blocks (two over two). Do that will the remaining pairs, being sure to keep organized! Next you sew the neighbor 4 patches into another neighbor 4 patches, making neighborhoods. Then sew the 8 patches to each other and keep going. You'll have one seam that either goes side to side or top to bottom on your quilt.

This is much easier than making rows of blocks and sewing row to row, across the width (or length) of your quilt many times and handling an increasing bulk, too.

This works wonderfully on square settings but I've never tried it for "on-point" settings.



Nice blocks. The fan could be a great tool if you are not quite sure how to lay out blocks. Turn on the fan and let them land where they may:)


Like the bow tie layout idea, so much easier and doable than retraining hubby :). They are adorable :)

Liz S.

Whoa! You are a quilting machine! Go Baby Go! LOL

Sharon Keightley

Your quilt is going to be a stunner ! Great way to escape the fan and keep your blocks organised.

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