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June 11, 2015


Barbara Anne

Ah, so! Good photo explanation of this wonderful and complicated looking quilt's construction! Thank you!

Time in the pool sounds just right, followed by fruit salad and/or watermelon. What could be better than playing with Eva and friends? Summertime, summertime at its finest.



It looks so good! And good looking and easy is a perfect combination.
Have fun with Eva and enjoy your time:-)


You are such an enabler. I mean that in the very best way.


That's exactly what I needed to see! I feel more comfortable with a pattern when I can visualize the smaller parts. Thanks for breaking it down. Ahhh…pool time with Eva sounds perfect!

Tracey Holzer

Carrie is a genius! And your quilt is going to be really, really nice.


it's gonna be gorgeous!

Mary Kastner

Who woulda thought? that is so,e cool assembly. thanks!

Karla Brown

WOW -- I'm so thankful for the explanation I would have passed up the pattern thinking it would be difficult. I have a couple of Carrie's pattern in my"to do" list probably will add this one as well.

Spending pool time with Eva sounds wonderful -- I'm praying/hoping one day my kids will bless me with grandkids.

Take care!


Thanks for breaking it down, makes you really have to think about your fabric choices ahead of time. Man that Carrie sure has a beautiful mind :)


Easy, in the quilting world, is often very underrated. But this quilt definitely doesn't look easy, which makes it a winner.

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