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June 18, 2015


Chris H

Sewing is so therapeutic. So sorry to read about your daughters accident. There is nothing worse in the world than a loved one being in an accident or worse, getting hurt. Thankfully your granddaughter was not with her. Keep on sewing!

Barbara Anne

These two quilts will be utterly delightful however large or small they end up being. Love the fabrics and am so glad this sewing helped you thru the lingering trauma of what might have happened during Tuesday's accident. Thanks be to God all is well, all things considered.

Since your Granny Square quilt may be for Eva, you can name it "Granny (or whatever Eva calls you) Loves YOU!" What does Eva call you?

I'm 52 short rows of stitching away from having 26 six inch 9 patch blocks finished for a Christmas quilt I'm making. :D



Love,love,love the Granny Square quilt. I want to do a mini one with rows of squares set on point for the SASHING. Need to finish a " few" other quilts first. There are many,many tops waiting to turn into quilts.

pam Hansen

Love those granny squares! So good you were able to immerse yourself into sewing.
I checked out the link for the bow tie sew along and quickly closed. Lisa is a genius and I rejoice in the many sewing options we have to select from for our quilting pleasure.
My next endeavor is a star quilt that is pushing me to a new level. It is an option from an on line class that I purchased.
Thanks for sharing.

Tracey Holzer

They are both beautiful! I'll be down to arrest you shortly!!! LOL


Sewing and quilting IS so therapeutic! As I've said, I just love both your granny squares and bow ties. I haven't decided how I'm going to set my bow tie blocks. Since I'm hand piecing mine and will hand quilt it when it's all together ... not to mention that I still have 75 more blocks to make, I'm sure that your quilt will be finished long before mine. ;-)


I'm making a simplified Granny Square quilt, too. It's a quick and fun way to use scraps.

Mary Kastner

the bow ties are adorable and I love the setting. Hope your daughter isn't in too much pain from her car accident.



Nicole, both quilts will be beautiful but happy fabrics shine like the sun which is so good for healing. So glad your daughter is safe.


they are both gorgeous!

Sue Babich

Wow! They are both just gorgeous ! I did not know you were working on both of them at the same time :-D

Sorry to hear about your daughters accident and so glad to hear she is okay


I think the Granny Square quilt would be beautiful on Eva's bed! What a great idea! I saw a beautiful bowtie quilt on Quiltville's Quips and Snips this morning and I thought of you :o) The way you're flip flopping these quilts, you'll have them both done in no time!


After reading this post, I started on some Bow Tie blocks, the 3" is prefect size for me. I tried smaller but it's not the size I like. I'm going to make these until I have a lap quilt. Thanks for the link to the block.

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