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June 12, 2015


Stephani in N. TX

Had to go back to your instructions immediately to check out the how-to. the result appears complicated, the put-together much easier. Carrie really gave us quilters a break this time, he-he. Looks great in your choice of fabrics.

Barbara Anne

Love Looking Glass as quilts with that diagonal stepping stone pattern really float my boat. As usual, you've flown thru this quilt construction in a flash. How do you do it?

What fun to splash and play in the pool on a summer day but you're so right - it is exhausting and you can never take your eyes off of the kids for a second. You'll be tanned and muscular by the end of summer if you continue to be ridden by the Pharaoh!


pam Hansen

While I don't know if you were thinking patriotic with your color selection the end result is a fine Americana style quilt.


Looks like you had a great time at the pool! Look your Looking Glass quilt I think it looks even better then the cover quilt:-)


You'll have the quilt finished in a flash! Your fabric choices are really great! You got a horse's workout at the pool yesterday, didn't you??? Keeping an eye on five kids+racing around the pool=exhausting fun!


Hysterical! Do you think you could win the Triple Crown?!

Robin Chapa

LOVE THAT!! I want to make a ton of red, white, and blue quilts and have them hanging from everywhere in my house near the 4th of July (or, rather, from Mem. Day til the end of July). BUT! That's so weird because it's hot then, in So. Cal, so they wouldn't get much use. I have NO red, white or blue in my house (it would really clash, not that I care that much), AND I'm never tempted to make one because I'm afraid I'd get bored of the color scheme while sewing! Man I'm weird. But your quilt is VERY inspirational-- I love it!

ina least you're getting a great work out in the pool? ;p


Looking Glass is coming right along.

Hanging at the pool with the little ones is a great workout!

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