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July 02, 2015


Barbara Anne

What fun! Love the quilt, the fabrics, and the fact that you freely use fabrics from your stash, too, if you want to. What size will this quilt be?

Knowing you, it won't be long before you're caught up with the program. Fret not!



Such a nice group of fabrics, I enjoyed the first Club but my lqs didn't continue. Its nice to hear you are enjoying and continuing! Love small quilts.

Mary Kastner

My kind of quilts. They are very cute. I drive to Livermore once a month to go to Jo Morton's Little Women's Club and Kim has similar fabric. What if you did some mix and match in some of those kits to change up the fabric a bit? Just a thought.



These patterns look great and like a lot of fun. But you're right it can be boring working over and over again with the same fabrics (unless it's B&C or Fig Tree;-)

mary flynn

I wished I would have done these, if anything for the sweet patterns! Lord knows I've got fabric for them! Lol.

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