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July 13, 2015



Wow oh wow, it's just spectacular! I love everything about it ... the bow ties themselves, the fabrics, and especially the setting, too. I'm working on 4" bow ties and am rethinking my setting after seeing yours like this.

Barbara Anne

Applause, applause!! Well done on the near completion of this charming Bow Tie quilt. I can imagine the wee Bow Tie blocks you're seeing when your eyes close. I'll be interesting in this quilt's size when its borders are on.

Perhaps you and your sister can meet for lunch at a restaurant halfway between your two homes and she can bring your new iron to you there?


Mary Kastner

Wonderful! Just wonderful! I love it!



LOVE it! Would love to see it up close and personal as there looks like there is a lot to look at in this quilt. Congratulations Nicole, it's beautiful!


Beautiful!! What iron did you end up with? I am in the market too!!


Wonderful quilt! I can hardly wait to see it with the borders. Sally

Sue Babich

OMG!!!!!!!!! Just Gorgeous !

Which Rowenta did you buy ?

Vic in NH

Great looking top and I do understand when we can get un-inspired for a while. The barn raising setting is very handsome, good job!


Respect! I don't think I have it in me to make 324 bow tie blocks but it looks stunning!
And congrats to our new iron I hope it lasts long ... and you can snatch it up at your sister's before one of your nieces;-)

Lisa D.

Such a beautiful quilt!


lol @ 'can't take it anymore'. been there! that iron? you better call and make sure no one is they ever want to receive a handmade gift from you ever again. ;p

Laila Skauge

Wow! Stunning!


Loving the bow ties! They are so tiny and there are so many of them. I'm not sure I would have the stamina to keep going with it either.

Looking forward to seeing what you decide to make next.


Wow, your quilt came out so pretty! Can't wait to see how it looks with borders. Really love the way you set the blocks, so pretty :)

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