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August 25, 2015


Quilt Hollow

I loved seeing the Frivols come out and almost purchased but saw the price and had to hand slap thinking about what all I already have in my stash that is neglected. LOL

Shower fall! The worse...can't tell you how many times that I've nearly took a tumble from same thing. We now have a seat built into the shower but that shower tile can be a bit chilly on the bum too. Hee!

Wishing you well soon!

Nancy Watkins

Ouch Nicole! Don't overuse them as you want me to get back to cutting soon! The little Frivols are so cute!


Feeling your pain, Nicole! And just to be on the save side you should visit a doctor. The same happend to my mother a few years ago and she didn't relize first but she actually borke her hand. Hope you didn't break yours.
I didn't understand the senth behind the Frivols because for that price I can buy a Layer Cake (which has more fabric) and there're a lot more patterns out for a LC. Okay, the tin is cute but honestly I don't think I need it. But I hope you have fun with yours:-)


ouch! i don't need to fall in the shower. i live in an old neighborhood with uneven sidewalks. i seem to trip a couple of times a year on one of those raised pieces. the dog always looks at me with a 'what is your problem' look when it happens. ;p

pam Hansen

Ouch! That is exactly what came to my mind too. Take it easy in using your hand again.

Jennifer Gwyn

Sorry about the hand - it is really bad when you feel good enough to sew, but something like that keeps you from it.

I did splurge and ordered the same as you. I plan to make it and hang it above my ironing board when I'm done. It will be a perfect fit! ... man I wish today was over so I could go home and do something more enjoyable...

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts

So sorry about your slip! Ouch! I'll sending healing thoughts. The Frivols are adorable, but not in my budget I'm afraid. I'll live vicariously though you! ;-)

Mary Kastner

Oh man Nicole! I am so sorry. I hope you heal fast. I am eyeing one of the Frivols that is on calendar In a couple of months. I have to have at least one! it looks just adorable. can't wait to see the finished product. Oops, I guess I will be waiting! take care...



Sorry to read that you fell in the shower, hope nothing is broken. Maybe you should see your dr, you sure don't want to slow down your quilting. I decided the Frivols were too pricey for me.

Anne Simonot

Pre-cuts are expensive -- cute but usually too pricey for me.


Hope you get better soon! Seems with the heat sometimes it takes a while for swelling to go down, good excuse to ice it up and keep cool. Glad you mentioned the price on the Frivols because I was thinking they were a little high too, cute but pricey.


The cute packaging was the hook, no doubt :)!

Hope your hand swelling calms down soon.

Leota Krantz

You poor thing. So sorry about your "slip" but it could have been could have broken your hand or fingers. Take care and yes, thanks for asking. I got my Frivols too.

Marsha S.

About a year ago I sprained my right arm and had a couple of quilts to make for other people that really had to be done...long story short - my husband did a great job of cutting for me! :)

Barbara Anne

Ah gravity, can't live with it, can't live without it. So sorry to hear about your fall and painful sprain. Many doctors I used to work with said sprains hurt more than fractures.

Be sure to keep a layer of towel or washcloth between you and the ice because ice will burn your skin as surely as heat will. I folded a washcloth in half and sewed up the sides to make a pocket so a sandwich zip-loc bag full of ice could fit inside. Hope you're healed and fine soon.

I'm still not buying fabric and have no monthly budget for it. My stash is healthy and Social Security income isn't very healthy, so I'm managing without being sad.


Pam O

I almost succumbed to the frivols, but had a moment of clarity when I remembered that I don't like precuts. I like laundered fabric.
Take care of the injury and pet the fabric.


I fell for the cute Frivol also and was lucky. My good friend got me the finishing kit for my birthday. I love the cute little tin it came in but can't see buying one every month. I do have my eye on another one though. Lol. Hope your hand is better.


I've seen Carrie's Moda blog about Frivols & once you see them you can't "un-see" them, can you??
So sorry to hear about your slip in the shower! That is no fun & I sure hope you heal fast!

Debbie R.

Sorry to hear about your accident. Give yourself time to heal. Fondling fabric shouldn't hurt anything though. As for the Frivols, too frivolous for my budget, and for my burgeoning stash. But they do look wonderful and are certainly tempting.

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