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September 08, 2015


Lisa D

Your quilt is absolutely gorgeous! I love it!


I'm not a fan of Civil War fabrics, but this quilt is beautiful. I love those stars. I don't think it needs a border, it looks a bit more contemporary without one.


I think it is lovely just the way it is now, no borders needed.

Mary Kastner

I would be very tempted just to bind it. it is a lot to look at already and big enough too. really a great quilt Nicole. good job.


Barbara Anne

Applause, applause!! The fabrics are lovely and I love the scrappy but coordinated look. I just knew these happy stars would be together by today!

I favor the thought of a dark containment border and an outer border. Perhaps the more modern look would be for no borders, but - to me - these small blocks seem to need more. Your choice!


Julia Wareing

Beautiful! I love it! Now that I am almost done with my huge pile of UFOs, maybe I will start one of these beauties! You always inspire me! I personally like borders. To me it is the frame around your beautiful work of art.

Sally K

What a wonderful quilt. While I like it just as it is, I think a containment border and another bother would set it off perfectly.

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Laura Valdez


Susie Q

If you do a small border you might want to rethink the black as I don't think it was a civil war color. At any rate I sure enjoyed seeing YOUR quilt. I too, have learned a lot from Barbara's postings on these blocks.


I vote for no is just gorgeous as is!


No borders needed, in my opinion! I think 'just the right binding' will make a nice 'frame' for those stars! It's a Civil War meets modern quilt!


What a beautiful quilt. Yes, I think you need a plain border or two. Frames set off artwork and a border will set off your stars.


What a great quilt! Not my colors or fabrics at all but it's beautiful! I wouldn't add borders but how about a scrappy binding?

Nancy Watkins

You go girl! I can't believe all the star blocks! It looks wonderful and I think it might look good with no borders. You are an inspiration and I'm not so sure I could make that many star blocks!


Wonderful! Wonderful! My favorite kind of quilt, and you did a great job. I vote for a border - a narrow containment border, then a border of a civil war reproduction floral. Sally

Debbie R.

I love the light, colorful feel of this quilt -- so different and fresh from the usual Civil War look. And since you've not gone traditional with your colour choices for the quilt, maybe doing the same with no border would make for a good finish. Whatever you do, these stars are definitely going to shine!


it doesn't need anything's gorgeous just the way it is! send the beauty off to the quilter! ;p


I think your top is perfect as it is. Maybe your binding could be dark. Sure looks good!!


Your cluster of stars quilt is gorgeous. I am in a "no borders" phase I think. I prefer quilts without the extra frame. I think the blocks stand out better... don't you? I am trying to make PRESSING SEAMS OPEN a habit. It's so time consuming... but the pay off is all on the positive side.


Your stars came out gorgeous! I'm stuck on whether to put a border on it or leave as is because it's so pretty. Maybe look at some of Barbara's fabrics that might work as a border and pull a color from there to use as a containment border. Great job, as always :)


I like your Stars quilt the way it is, but if you want a bigger quilt, I'd add a narrow black containment border then a wider border out of one shirting print that appears very light, like the lighter of your star block backgrounds. The border could be more elaborately quilted than the center.


I love your Civil War Stars quilt top. I can't wait to see how you finish this quilt top. I want to make this quilt now too.


What a great star quilt! Love to see all of these in the works.:)


I must chime in with all the others. It's a great looking quilt, well done!

Quilt Hollow

Love it! I'm finally catching up with your blog...

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