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September 01, 2015



I would rather oversize my HSTs and trim them down to ensure that they're all the same size. I've tried, over the years, to ensure that my cutting and piecing are perfectly accurate, but I just don't seem to be able to accomplish that feat. So oversizing and trimming down is the way to go for me. Thanks for the tips on how best to do the trimming down.


I have to agree with you. Oversizing and trimming down is best way for me too. And I do love my creative grids rulers. They really don't slide around when you're cutting or trimming.


Great tip for both old-ish AND new-ish piecers! Thanks for sharing. I'm going to look for that ruler!

Barbara Anne

I use the same method and it's so wonderful not to be cutting 3 7/8" squares ever again! Cut 4" and trim that wee bit.

My rulers of choice that work well for this task are both by Omnigrid, the 6"x6" and the 12"x12". Gotta love those 45* lines!! They're old rulers but long ago I put those tiny sandpaper discs on the back of them so they don't slide.



I prefer to oversize and trim, too, because if I don't they never are the correct size.


Nicole, do you have any tips for squaring up a finished quilt top? I struggle with this. ;p


I always do that, oversize and trim down, because otherwise all my HSTs would be different. Let's just say I know about this scant 1/4" in theory not so much in pratice;-)

Clair Becker

I like oversizing too and love the Creative Grid rulers that have the 1/8 markings


It is a very necessary evil. Definitely worth the extra step!


I use this method and absolutely love it.

I do not have that size ruler but realize how handy it can be. I'll place it on my wish list :)

Debbie R.

Thanks so much for showing how you trim blocks to be the perfect size. I tried this recently and had great results. And I was wondering if I was doing it "right." Turns out, I was. It does take time, but is well worth it.

Sara F

I also love to make HST oversize and trim them. My favorite ruler is my 6.5" square-up ruler with its 45 degree line. Can't beat those precise blocks.

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