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September 09, 2015


Barbara Anne


What is the name of the large plastic sewing machine bed you put Seams So Easy on? We have the same sewing machine so it would be helpful to know. Does Bernina make it?


Nancy Watkins

Thanks Nicole. I have an Angler 2 and never used it because I did not understand it. I hope I can find it since the move. This new one looks interesting. So you just eye the line with your eye as you sew?


I saw this on Lori's blog and want one too! I've been marking all my HSTs but it is a PITA and takes too much time as you noted. Thanks for the review!


I saw this on Lori's blog but it is nice to see your review. Thanks for sharing.

Jennifer Gwyn

When I saw the product come out, I went deep into my drawers and finally opened up my Angler 2 that I bought about 3 years ago. I tried it out and it has some merits, but I did have to mess with it some to change my bobbins. I find that with this tool, and likely Lori Holt's tool, I would still want to keep my fabric a scant amount to the left or right of the line (as a personal preference). Lori's tool is definitely as cute as her fabric and books.


I have one of those in my cart... but then I couldn't decide if I should get the red or the pink! Or both!!

Stephani in N. TX

Isn't everything Lori Holt touches just as cute as can be? I love her fabrics, quilts, her painted furniture, etc. (I'm working on Great Granny Squared with my favorite Riley Blake fabrics.)So glad designers are out there and we can "meet" them on the computer, order books, and try to keep up with them.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

I have one of Pam's Angler 2s, but I don't like it much because of the tape. I might try me one of these. What is the daisy shape for?


Love your review, especially how you say you feel disloyal to the Angler 2 as I feel the same way. Funny how there are so many "new" things that are really just repackaged or "cutified". Seems like those dots would be a big help, just wonder if you can get more for putting on other machines or taking off. Your comment at the end is priceless too! Leave it to you to find other uses for those sticky dots :)

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