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September 03, 2015


Barbara Anne

Very interesting and the photos make it all so clear. Thank you!

Only 14 more blocks to go? That should take you until about Monday as speedy as you are! Have fun!


Tracey Holzer

This quilt is gonna be so nice! All of the bright fabrics!!

pam Hansen

I really like these blocks. I lack the ability to imagine how a selection of colors would a look when so different from the original model. These colors are warm and crisp and I'm anxious to see the finished top.
Thanks for information on the Creative Grids ruler too. I used one for the first time this week and now must purchase.


I am loving your blocks Nicole! Which makes me not like mine as much.... darn... I hate when that happens! But I will keep moving forward and hopefully it will pull together!


just gorgeous! ;p


I love the orange block! It's gorgeous! Great tips on assembly, too.

Nancy Watkins

If I was hyperventilating before, now I am blown away!!!!! This block is perfect! I must go back and research your fabric choices.


It is looking great, Nicole. I can tell you, Thelma and Sinta are enjoying this sew along.


Lovely! Aren't we lucky when design mavens take on the math and engineering jobs for us!

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