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September 02, 2015


Mary Kastner

Oh, the two finished baskets are so pretty! This is going to be a show stopper quilt Nicole. Yes, I tried pp'ing. No, I don't particularly like it (at all). it just made no sense to me either. you are not alone!


Barbara Anne

Love these first two blocks and other block pieces!

I enjoy paper piecing but don't do it often. For me it does require constant thought and concentration but I am always pleased with the results.

How large to you plan to make Viola?


Lisa D.

Those are really pretty, Nicole. I love the fabric you're using and they mix so well with the greys and black. Your quilt is going to be stunning!


Nicole, this quilt is going to be just stunning! Your fabric choices are really pretty! Even with a sore wrist your progress is right up with your usual productive speed!

Patty Fowl

Love the dark baskets and the single color flowers together!!

I LOVE paper piecing... makes sharp points and allows you to complete some complex patterns. If you are thinking of ever trying it again, there are some good classes on Craftsy. But it looks like you are excelling at the stems with your appliqué (which I don't like to do!)

Stephani in N. TX

Voila Nicole, your Violas are looking good. Yet another take on the blooms and vases, but that's what makes quilting and quilters interesting. Charge on!


I love the fabric for the vases!!! perfect color to go with the colorful Mimosa fabric! ;p

Nancy Watkins

I'm hyperventilating Nicole! I love, LOVE this!

Sue Babich

I love how your blocks are looking ! Just beautiful !!! Looking forward to starting ming ;-)


I'm not the best at paper piecing myself and can totally understand you. Although I have to say Thelma's pieced stems look so great (don't worry your's look great, too). Love your blocks:-)

Nancy, Near Philadelphia

Oh, YES! Just YES!


Your blocks are so pretty and you're so funny! I love that you cut through your directions, that's something I would do :)


Boy do I love this project of yours.


I am a little bit of a quilting first real quilt was a paper pieced pattern. I fell in love with the display quilt at a quilt shop and had to have it so I made my own from their kit and I loved how it all came out so perfect. Then I was hooked on trying every quilting technique I could. 7 years later I am still trying techniques including FMQ and loving most all of them.

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