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October 27, 2015



Your Viola is really coming along - and is looking great! I agree ... I think Viola is a quilt that would look better square. I'm looking forward to it being lighter earlier in the mornings, but I'm NOT looking forward to it being dark by dinner time. :-o

Barbara Anne

Your Viola blocks are looking beautiful! I certainly hear you on the time and effort it takes to make one block because it has so many pieces. I once made a 4 block wall quilt using the Lewis and Clark block (for a challenge) which, if memory serves, has 64 pieces in each block. Yikes!!

What a good idea to cut straight stems on the straight of grain. Don't you just love excellent suggestions?

Are y'all painting many of the rooms in the new house? What color will Eva's room be? Has the moving process started?


Marsha S.

Your Viola looks great! Love your color choices. I finished mine a few weeks ago and it is not for the faint if seems it there are a million pieces! I am so glad I persevered cause I love mine and am so happy with it! Keep on keeping on - you will be glad you did.

Mary Kastner

Looking good! It certainly is dark-I agree. Hopefully the change this weekend will give us more light!



I think, for me, putting together the larger blocks takes some getting used to. I made a "Swoon" quilt, by Camille Roskelly, with several starts & stops & it only has nine blocks--but each one is 24"!!
I'm glad they at least wait until after Halloween night to change the time. By December it will be dark at 5 PM! yuck.


I'm loving this quilt. As usual your color choices are just perfect. This one is now on my to do list.

Randi Ortega

That is going to be such a pretty quilt!

Sue Babich

Congrats on your progress and for conquering the stems .

I have decided on 4 blocks for my Viola Quilt and am almost done piecing the 4th block then I can start on the stems. Wish me luck with those stems and thanks for your tips.


it's so beautiful! i still regret not buying some of that fabric line. oh, well. i'll just admire your quilt. ;p

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