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November 18, 2015



Yes, I do have a recommendation! The first one is to have a ruler that has 1/8 markings and lines if you do mini quilts and love small pieces. The second is for those triangle in a square blocks. I have the Tri Recs tools but I always feel that I don't have enough seam allowances at the 2 point side. The tip is okay........ Anyhow I just tried the QuiltSense ruler for the same block and am much happier with the result. That's after a couple of hundred of those blocks for just one quilt. I love having a good ruler that saves me time and frustration- I love a perfect block!

Barbara Anne

Thanks for the suggestions, but I seem to choose humble patterns for my quilts and bumble along fine with the straight lines, straight edges, and those 45* and 60* lines. Believe me, I have many more rulers but don't reach for them.

The best idea I ever heard for Log Cabin construction is to square up each block after you get every 4 logs sewn on. The person in charge of a guild Log Cabin sew-in for donation quilts told us that and the blocks went together like a dream.

Isn't it fun to have plans for the next quilt and the next one after that?



Love Creative Grid rulers but I really recommend Deb Tucker rulers for any "speciality" type. Tucker Trimmer, wing clipper and square2 rulers were some of the best investments I've made.


Primitive Gatherings for Creative Grids Itty Bitty Eights rulers are great!! I have two & find them so easy to read!
I like Barbara Anne's tip for squaring up log cabin blocks! Good sharing blog today!


i was disappointed in the folded corner ruler. it didn't improve my accuracy and didn't make the task quicker. i went back to the original way of doing it so no bias edges. sew the square down, trim, then press. ;p

i do love the flying geese ruler you recommended. that one is a gem!


I like the Tri Recs ruler and my 60 degree ruler too. And I've used the EZ Dresden ruler quite a bit lately.


I like the Firecracker quilt too, and the video makes it look easy, as long as you have the ruler. So I might be putting that one on my list. I seem to have quite a number of specialty rulers on hand; would like to use the Quick Curve again for another project, maybe one of the new patterns.


I love Bloc Loc rulers for trimming half-square triangles and flying geese. They are fantastic.


I have to confess I basically sew with just one ruler (two if you count the large 6"x24" ruler with I only use to cut long strips or for square up an quilt). I have the Omnigrip 8.5"x12" ruler and it can and has everything. 1/4" and 1/8" marks, 30°, 45° and 60° lines and you can easily suare up HSTs with it. I have of course a few other rulers like Darlene Zimmerman's dresden blade or Miss Rosie's Crumbler but I have never or just once used them.


Marsha McCloskey's Feathered Star ruler is the bomb. I confess I have not made any feathered stars since I took the class with her, but I have used the ruler a LOT! It is perfection for squaring up half square triangles.


Folded corner ruler! Would it be possible to post a link to where you got the ruler? That one sounds really interesting.


The folded corner ruler is fantastic! Also, Deb Tucker rulers are so great to make perfect HSTs and other blocks. Highly recommend!

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