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February 22, 2016


Barbara Anne

"Five and Dime" is just too cute! Well done on this cheerful little project.

I'm delighted that you're a quilter who feels free to adapt patterns to your own preferences and planned use, too. Some folks don't feel that freedom and that amazes me.

That marvelous table caught my eye immediately and it's just wonderful for your use - and for family meals, of course! There must be a lot of happiness contained in the walls of that room.

Snow last Monday but our purple crocus are coming up!


Helen storer

Can feel the change here in Australia too, slightly cooler days and even sone rain today. Love tge quilt!

Mary Kastner

Love the quilt. It is really cute. dId you know that there is rumor that Kim and Jo Morton are doing a book together soon? Wouldn't that just be awesome!! Have a great week Nicole. I am so glad to hear your Dad is doing better.



This quilt is really great I love the black and white-ish squares.
Wish I would have a table as big as yours it's fantastic and always a plus to have a big table.
Today was a really nice day, spring weather with sun and lots of flowers already in the garden ... unfortunaly this should change tomorrow:-(


that table is wonderful! your mom and dad must have a large dining room, too! glad to hear your dad is doing well. hope your nephew is healing, too.

trees are blossoming here as well.

Jennifer Gwyn

You could have an entire sewing studio on that table! Are you enrolled this time in the Whatnots club? I just got Month 2 last week, but I'm so close to finishing my Snapshots quilt.

carol fun

Your quilt is very cute... great pattern and fabric combo. I agree... what I miss about my time in California was the early Spring. I loved the almond and apricot trees in bloom... to this midwest girl the petals on the ground looked like snow!


So nice, I would love to make a queen size quilt in that pattern.

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