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February 08, 2016



Logs are coming along nicely and can't wait to see the final arrangement. They look so different when moved around and take on such a different feel.
Good new on your father and nice to hear good news!


I am amazed at the progress you make even when you are super busy. Did you decide to keep the one block that is turned backward on the far right lower side? Good for your dad. Seems so many have health problems, it's good to hear good reports.

Barbara Anne

Cheers for your Dad's continued improvement in getting over that annoying broken leg and that he's able to do more and more for himself!! What a delight and a relief for him, his loving family, and for us who care from afar.

Love the Log Cabin blocks and you're right, there are hundreds of possible block layouts possible, or so it seems. Be sure to take a photo of each layout so you can look back and choose your favorite more easily.

Welcome home, too!



Lots of log cabin progress there! Playing with block arrangements will be fun. It's nice to hear good news about your dad & that you were able to take some time to watch the game & munch yummy nachos with your husband! Have a good week.

Mary Kastner

Really good to hear your dad is showing so much improvement. That is great news for your family. The Super Bowl was fun to watch. i think everything went very well for the Bay Area.



Glad to hear that things are getting back to normal for you. Let's hope it stays that way for the rest of the year! I'm seriously thinking of doing a log cabin again thanks to your inspiration!


I love the log cabin blocks. One of my favorite layouts is barn raising.


how wonderful that your dad is improving and becoming independent again. yay! that quilt is turning out so gorgeous. can't wait to see the different settings. ;p


I'm glad to hear your father is doing better. The log cabins look lovely!

Helen storer

Great news about your dad. I am loving the layout you have on the design wall. Really hot here in West Australia 42 degrees celcius i.e over 100 really too hot to do anything much.


Glad to hear your dad is doing better! How is his rookie (your nephew I think) doing? Such a weird thing they both got broken legs at the same time, curious as to how fast he's healing. Oh and love your blocks, a log cabin is on my bucket list and can't believe I haven't already done one.

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