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March 24, 2016


Barbara Anne

Kate Morton is one of my favorite authors and I'm on the list at the library waiting for my turn with "The Lake House". It could be a long wait since books are checked out for a month.

Thanks for the other reviews and titles!

I'm currently re-reading Margaret Truman's murder mystery series.


Laura Valdez

Thanks for sharing your book selection. I'm always looking for new authors. Quilting and reading, nothing like it!


Thank you for sharing! I've copied your list and can't wait for some new reads. I'm halfway through the Lake House right now!


Thanks for sharing! I'm always on the hunt for a good book! Happy Easter!

Kathleen G

I am excited to know there is still a Book of the Month club!! I was a member for years...who knew they were still around! I'm sensing that you got to choose the genre that you wanted? I will be looking into this club...and checking for your favorites at my library. Thanks, Nicole!


you must read at bed time...during the day you are way too busy. i can't read at night anymore. i drift right off to sleep. ;p


I read the Poldark series years ago, when the original production was on PBS. I read The Lake House late last year and liked it. I'm adding a couple of your recommendations to Mount To Be Read (my name for the pile of books on my nightstand).

Karen L.

I loved reading Goodnight, Mr. Wodehouse by Faith Sullivan. P.G. Wodehouse is one of my favorite authors and the heroine in this novel eventually finds him, too. It's set in the years around the turn of the last century and WWI and tells the stories of a number of interesting personalities in a small town.


I recently read The Paris Apartment. I loved it! I just finished Gone Girl... because I am slow at picking these things up when they are hot off the press... but it was a book I really enjoyed. The Girl Wit The Dragon Tattoo... just finishing it now. I give a thumbs up to them all. Circling the Sun was fabulous too. Of course I loved Out of Africa... if I could only time travel!

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