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March 09, 2016


Barbara Anne

I have to agree that Log Cabin quilt blocks that are identical to each other are boring to make, even with strip piecing. That's why it took me 8 years from start to finishing mine and you get stars for plowing on to finish the center of Sara's quilt in (of course) record time!

Love the fabrics Ahren bought for you and the Bali Star pattern looks wonderful. It should be a lot more interesting to make, too. Is this Kim Brakett pattern in a book? If so, I'd like to know the book title, please and thank you!

In thinking of the cream background fabric you need, have you seen the 95 shades of Toscano fabrics? They're not batiks, but they are mottled and just delicious. I used the "Shortbread" color for Brian's quilt.

If I see your sewing mojo on this coast, I'll send it back to you!



That is a pretty pattern. I have my eye on a Moda Bake Shop pattern from Gathering Friends featuring a Larkspur Jelly Roll. Just can't justify buying more fabric.


I feel your slump I also have been in a quilting and just life in general for me it was my granddaughter 4/th birthday quilt when her mother rolled her eyes and said not another blanket I was destroyed but I am feeling better got out a couple big stars quilts and starting my villages quilt it is so fun to see those little scrappy houses maybe the warmer weather and sun will help you too

Mary Kastner

Yes, good "man" quilt for sure and with batiks even better. Just take the plunge. Once you start you will envision him with his finished quilt and be back into it.



Ahren's jelly roll choice is perfect! He has a good eye for color!
I understand the feeling of needing to get your quilting mojo back! I'm hoping the combination of a Kim Brackett pattern & the new Black Tie Affair by Basic Grey for Moda will do it for me! Spring Retreat is next week so here's hoping we're both 'back in the saddle' again!

Laura Valdez

Oooo, love them! I also love the pattern. Your son has good color sense. He will love it!


Are you shopping your stash for that cream batik? *wink*


Sometimes you just need the right pattern and fabric to get your sewing mojo back. I hope that this project is it for you:-)
18 kits from one designer? That's a lot and I'm not a kit person I don't think I ever made a quilt exactly the same as the pattern or even with the same fabric. Too boring for me so I can totally understand why also Kim Diehl is great you cancel that club. But perhaps you can make one of her kits now and then and soon or later you'll finish all 18 kits.


Excellent choice! It should be fun to play with those fabrics knowing your son bought them special. I have a really, really hard time with kits. Lately I just take the fabrics completely out of the kit and mix them with the rest of my fabrics.:)

Sue Babich

This quilt is going to be gorgeous in these fabrics .
I know how you feel. I have been doing no sewing and not buying any fabric because of my dads health fading and helping my mother :-(


That's a great paring of pattern and fabric. I found doing a BOM in fabrics polar opposite to my norm was a great boost.


gorgeous batiks! gorgeous! i recently bought 3 of her patterns and plan to buy batiks from her upcoming line once they are available. yes, i like they way she mixes her fabrics...gorgeous quilts.

if the new quilt is for ahren, doesn't that mean he has to either come out to fetch it or send you an airline ticket to deliver it? trusting international post with something like a quilt...just sayin' ;p


I can relate! I had knee replacement surgery about 6 weeks ago and I had no sew jo up until about a week ago. I didn't go into my sewing room, I didn't working on binding had no desire to get any where near it, even with my hubby's pushing. Was just in a slump that I couldn't get out of!

Vic in NH

If you can just relax and allow yourself a guilt-free zone of "Not Productive" time, your love of doing and creating will come roaring back to you. Ask me how I know this...


Kim Brackett's books have some wonderful patterns in them and fun to make as well! Hopefully you will get your sewing mojo back soon!


Kim Brackett has great scrap quilts. Those batiks should make a really pretty but masculine quilt!


Gorgeous. Don't you just love itwhen the 'boy' wants a quilt? It warms my heart.

Jennifer in Indy

I agree with you on the log cabins being boring - I love how the quilts look, but it will be a while before I make one again. I really like the pattern you've chosen for your son's quilt - and how great the he sought out some fabric to send you from Norway!


Bali Stars is a great design. I do find Kim's quilts a little small for me--as a taller girl I like rectangular quilts made a bit longer--I'm forever adding another row to quilts I make :) How sweet that your son picked out the jelly roll. Editya Sitar is a genius with mixing different fabrics!


I keep saying I'm going to shop my stash and then I get a "squirrel" moment and start ordering something else. The biggest problem I have with shopping at home is I never have enough of what I need for the project. I think you have the right idea with the jelly rolls because then you only need some background and border. Laundry baskets is one of my favorite designers..guess cause she mixes it all :)

Quilt Hollow

I love ALL of Kim's patterns...did you see the new book yet?!

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