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March 25, 2016


Barbara Anne

I haven't read any of these books, but find your take on them veddy eenteresting.

Thank you!



I love it when I find a new-to-me author with a long backlist! Laura Lippman is my latest find.


Thanks so much Nicole...I've been reading Downstairs Maid and just can't get into it...pretty with your review I know I can just give it up!


I've read the Comoran Strike book and found it okay but none of the other books. I think I didn't read a book this year yet that really keeps me interested enough to finish it. Taht's why I started to reread some of my books I know I love. Because why should I waste my reading time on a book I don't love?


I need to get back to reading more, these posts have given me some good leads! Thanks for the reviews.


I really enjoyed the Good Girl. It kept me guessing until the end! And have you read her next book Pretty Baby? Wow!! Another winner!!!!

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