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March 31, 2016



Nicole, Judy at Green Fairy Quilts, sells the Frivols tins at a very reasonable price. I have ordered from her before and the service is marvelous.


I look forward to seeing your Into The Wind quilt. I saw the Larkspur collection in a shop; it is gorgeous!

Barbara Anne

Love the fabrics - especially 3 Sisters - and agree that buying what you need or that makes your heart sing is easier on the budget. I'm still trying to use up my delicious stash rather than buy new fabric.

I'll have to explore Green Fairy Quilts, Larkspur fabric, and the Into The Wind pattern.

Oh, and your Halloween photo doesn't enlarge when you click on it.


Mary Kastner

I am pretty much obsessed with Halloween fabric. i made 2 of the Frivols tins. Love the tins! They are already stuffed with sewing necessities.



I was just on FQS yesterday looking for Halloween type fabrics! I didn't see this bundle for some reason.
I thing the Frivols, as cute as they are, would sting anybody's fabric allowance! Ouch!


I liked the Frivols concept but then what to you do with the tin when it's empty? I agree with subscriptions, they come too fast and you soon end up with piles of projects that you aren't all that crazy about. Because you know, we move on to the next craze as soon as it happens! I love the Larkspur line except for the yellowish color.


Great Halloween fabric! As a couple of people have mentioned, I've also found Green Fairy Quilts offer super prices on pre-cuts & notions! They also include a pretty green pen in their package! 😉

Connie Morgan

I have done the exact same thing with the Frivols. I will stick it out for the rest of the year, but will definitely rethink it if they continue the program next year. Love your fabric selections! Look forward to seeing your finished quilts. --Always beautiful!


The Halloween bundle is perfect! I'm making a Halloween-ish version of some of the Splendid Sampler blocks and so far I love them.
As cute as the Frivols tins are I think they are a killer to the fabric budget and also I love some of the fabric collections I don't love all of them so much that I need them or at least I'm okay with just having a charm pack or two. I would love if Moda offers the patterns seperatly and I could make them with my own fabrics I'm not a kit person.

Barbara Anne

Back again to peek at the enlarged Halloween fabrics and they are interesting and yummy, for sure. Thanks for fixing that enlarging feature for that photo!



I like the Frivols, too. But the price was just to much for me

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