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June 01, 2016


Amy L

This quilt is lovely. The family member who receives it will be very lucky. And it's freeing to finish up those flimsies!

My favorite bias binding directions are on Heather Mulder Peterson's blog, Trends and Traditions. She includes a .pdf you can download with directions for cutting the bias binding that are brilliant. Here's the link:

Her tips on binding scalloped edges, inside and outside corners are wonderful too. The woman is a natural teacher. These are under her Tutorials tab.

Stephani in N. TX

August Blooms is really soft and lovely looking, and the binding will complement it perfectly. I plan to look at the references, including Heather's directions as noted above. Love Fig Tree, it's one designer with her own bin of scraps. My current Fig Tree quilt has two new lines in it and scraps from two much older lines, including those charm packs which I love for making 4 patches. Come Christmas, you will be so glad you traveled down the UFO road.

Mary Kastner

REally cute quilt. NO, I have never done bias binding but it looks like I need to try it. Thanks for the link. Everyone in your family is going to be so pleased and grateful for your beautiful gifts this year. You are definitely on a roll Nicole.


barbara AnneaBrbara Anne

August Blooms is utterly beautiful! I'd have to keep this quilt for myself - especially since it shows your first machine applique.


Sherry V.

What a lovely quilt. Congratulations on getting another UFO into the "done" column!

When I started quilting back in the 1980's (yeah, I am ancient! LOL) all we did was bias bindings.

I was never happy because I could never get all 4 corners to come out well.

Several years ago I switched out to straight grain binding and find it much, much easier to get my corners to come out really pretty.

Of course, if I was doing a curved binding I would have to go back to bias. . . but for now I'm just not that adventurous.

Have a splendid day!


Thanks for "talking" about bias binding. I haven't needed to use it but will make a note for future long as I don't misplace my notebook!! I have a problem with corners, as I bind to the back. Mine want to curve rather than nice sharp corners...does this make sense to anyone??


gorgeous quilt! love the soft yellows. ;p

Kathi Kittle

Beautiful quilt. Thanks for the tip on the bias binding. I do make it sometimes, but a different method that I have to keep joining with seams. A pain in the buttuzi. I'll try it this way next time.


I too love the look of a striped fabric cut on the bias for binding. Your lovely quilt will be even lovelier with that addition!

Nancy Watkins

Love your wall hanging! I plan on seeing if I can find that handy dandy book. I need one desperately as this girl's math leaves a lot to be desired. This is fun seeing what you always come up with!


Your Fig Tree quilt looks amazing! I would keep it for myself if I were you because you have a special memory with it and I think that's what quilting is about too: about making memeories.
Bias binding and me? Arrg, not so much. And honestly if I really need to bias bind something I just buy the bias binding!
BTW are you interested in a smaller version of Miss Rosie's Village pattern? I've written one and Carrie (she a sweetheart isn't she?) give me permission to share it. Justsend me an email.


Gorgeous quilt, I envy the lucky recipient. I almost always bind with bias binding. Once you've done it a few times, it comes more naturally.

Kathy Decker

Beautiful quilt! If you can use straight-grain binding on any of your quilts, try Susie's Magic Binding on Youtube. I've been using that on all my charity quilts,and love the results I'm getting, plus much faster since nice it's all by machine.


I wish I was the family member receiving this quilt!


Such perfect fabric for binding your lovely quilt!

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