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June 27, 2016


Mary Kastner

Amen on the no more big quilts theme. I just finished the second big one In The past two months labeled and bound. I am so over it for a while. I wonder how long that will last! Sounds like your summer is going well. It is so hot here too. The PG£E bill will be smokin' when it arrives for sure!

Take care,

Tracey Holzer

Have a fabulous summer, Nicole.


That IS a great quilt, and one I still cherish, great memories of our fun sew along and fabric exchange. I got out my red, white and blue quilts over the weekend, sunflower will be up next.

Nancy Watkins

This was always one of my favorite patterns but I've yet to make it! Your table looks wonderful!


I love 'smaller' quilts because I quilt them all myself and anything bigger than 70"x70" is hard to handle on my domestic sewing machine. My favorite quilts are about 40" square give or taken a few inches. It's why I love Schnibbles so much:-)


That beautiful sunflower quilt looks great on your table! I'll bet you smile when you walk by! Lap size is my go-to & I don't think that I've made more than a couple of larger ones. I also think that Schnibbles are a nice size for so many uses!

Diane Linford

I've sworn off big quilts for a while also. I have so many. Also, practicing more intricate quilting is a lot easier on a small quilt.
Happy Summer!


Very pretty. I have a few big ones in the works, but anything I'm making for teaching samples I shoot for 60 x 60. However, I just started a new one, and I'm thinking... it's gonna be a big one! Stay cool however you can!

Jennifer in Indy

I remember when you made this one - loved it then and love it now. It looks great on your table!


We're lucky to be having our usual coastal low clouds in the mornings and nice breezy warm afternoons. Last year the heat and humidity were horrid. Little quilts are wonderful. I make wallhangings and runners but seldom square quilts and never for a table. Love your sunflower one. Hope your stitching time resumes soon!

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