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July 11, 2016


Helen storer

Love the red white and blue?

Tracey Holzer

I think that its perfect!! Great job!


Don't sell yourself short! The mini quilt looks great! My Bernina is having tension problems on decorative stitches, too. Must be going around, huh?

Sue Babich

Adorable quilt made with love !!!


Love your little table topper and your quilting looks good to me! I'm not the best quilter either but since there aren't many longarm quilters in Germany and if they are way too expensive I quilt all my quilts myself and I'm getting better at it. Perhaps you can start quitling all your smaller quilts yourself, too, and you'll see your skill will improve.

Jennifer Gwyn

We are always our worst critic. I think it looks fantastic and it is done! And you saved some money, which can now be used on more fabric!


it's lovely!

Mary Kastner

Looks good to me. I really like it a lot!



OK - Love the scrappiness of this... I always fret over my own quilting - but I step back and pause...My grandmother was a quilter and growing up I always thought her work was miraculous. As an adult I go back and revisit the same pieces. There are puckers and tucks -- even a cutoff corner or two. Sometimes thins weren't so square. But they are still just as beautiful. I guess love covers a multitude of errors...I love your topper.

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