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July 28, 2016


Barbara Anne

Love the accuracy of making block units a bit larger than needed and trimming them to size. Hoq do you keep yourlf from making blocks upas you go?!

Her 5th birthday already???! Amazing.



Great action shot of Eva…ahhhhh, we all remember just yesterday when she was 'Baby E!!' Time flies!
I agree! The Fit To Be Geese ruler makes flying geese so easy!


thank goodness for community pools! ;p

Mary Kastner

That is a great picture of Eva. So much fun to be part of their growing up. Your quilts always look so perfect and your methods are the reason why they do. Patience is a virtue! It shows!


Chris H

Can't believe she's five! My oldest grandson is now 9 and wants a cell phone. My second grandson turned 7 this week. They are a blessing in our lives.


Happy Birthday to Eva! I always wish my birthday would be in the summer and not in february (hate the cold).
I'm making my HSTs and flying geese always bigger and trim them then down works best for me too.

Vic in NH

Congratulations on the beautiful blocks with lots of great contrast!

Nancy Watkins

Hi Nicole, I broke down and finally ordered my Fit to be Geese rulers. So tired of trying to get those geese to cooperate! Eva is such a cutie and hasn't the last five years just flown by? Treasure each moment and I know you do!


Hi Nicole,
I enjoy seeing your projects. Oh yes, the ice cream is hard to resist in the summer. Eva turned 5? Seems as though she was just born. How fun to see her flying off the diving board. I imagine kindergarten is around the corner.
Take care.
Beverly in WA state

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